Tuke's Quest: August 2015

Weekend Gist: 200k & Stepping Out of the Box

Hey Guys :)

Happy Monday!!!

Do you know the Blog hit 200,000 views on Friday *dancing dancing dancing*. I shared the picture below on my Social Media Platforms with the caption "Woke up to 200K so I #Shoki 
😊😊💃💃#FeelingGrateful 🎉🎉"


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Tuke's Trips: Ilesa, Erin-Oke & Zenababs Resort

Hey Guys,

It's been a while since my last Travel post, hasn't it. I still owe you posts on China, Uganda and Disney Land too. Soon come, they will be up before the year ends.

The only other places I've been to this year are Ijebu-Oru and Ibadan. Isn't it funny how all three places start with the same sound. Maybe my next trip will be to Egypt or India or Indonesia or Illinois.

Random info, Literature in English was one of my favourite subjects in Secondary School. I loved Geography, Mathematics and Biology too. Wonder why I studied Economics sha. I mentioned this because I really like playing The Rhyme Game, "Name Animal Place Thing" and Concentration.

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Restaurant Review: Smokey Bones Lagos

Hey Guys,

Like I mentioned in this post I went to Smokey Bones restaurant with Tosin Alabi, who blogs here, Inikpi who took the pictures in this post and Tomi who blogs here, remember her from this post?

 Smokey Bones is pretty close to Mobil in VI, (8B Fabac Close). It's at the back of a compound which has a dentist and some other organisations in it. 
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Weekend Gist (2 in 1): Collaborations, Confidence and Celebrating Life

Hey Guys,

Hope you had a Great weekend.

I've been away from the blog for 12 days and only a few people inquired to find out. Shout out to those of you who did and for those that didn't, Diarris God!

I've been up to some pretty exciting collaborations. You will find out about them in due time, I'm grateful to God because last week was productive and it can only get better. My favourite photographer Linguini was around for a couple of days, we had a great time catching up and he took some lovely pictures of me too. If you don't know who he is, then check out this Ankara Inspired Post, the Flower Princess post and my 22nd Birthday post :)
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My Hi Lo Striped Dress

Hey Guys :)

Happy Hump Day

Happy International Youth Day too!

Hope you're having a Great week :)

I wore this Beautiful Bella Cosa Dress on Saturday for the wedding I mentioned in this post.  It's extremely versatile and it's a sure winner for weddings and dinners. This style is very flattering for pregnant ladies or women who want to hide the fact that their tummy isn't as flat as it used to be.
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Weekend Gist: Camp, Afro & a Giveaway

Hey Guys

Happy Monday :)

Hope you had a Great Weekend!

I spent most of last week at redeemed camp and I had an amazing time. The only downside is that phone signal isn't the best there because of the sheer number of people who attend it. My cousin overheard an usher saying there were 3 million people there, that's greater than the population of Jamaica, imagine.
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Restaurant Review: Bottles

So like I mentioned in this post, I went out for lunch with my cousins on Saturday. We went to Bottles in VI, you know the spot that people go to on Wednesday Night, for drinks after work.

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Weekend gist: Appreciating Life & My Second Vlog

Hey Guys!

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend!

Mine was interesting, filled with ups and downs.

My cousin, Oyinade, from this post, went back to Uni on Saturday so we had a cousin lunch/send off. We had a very bad experience at the Restaurant we went to, the worst customer service I've ever experienced in Lagos. I'll put up a Restaurant Review post with pictures on Wednesday, it was BAD!! Here's a Sneak Peek of what I got, you might be able to guess the Restaurant.
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