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Weekend Gist: Camp, Afro & a Giveaway

Hey Guys

Happy Monday :)

Hope you had a Great Weekend!

I spent most of last week at redeemed camp and I had an amazing time. The only downside is that phone signal isn't the best there because of the sheer number of people who attend it. My cousin overheard an usher saying there were 3 million people there, that's greater than the population of Jamaica, imagine.
My friend from Notts got married on Saturday and I went for the Bridal shower last week Wednesday. It was organised by The Shower Geeks and it was a lot of FUN. The food at Brown's Cafe is delicious, I might just do a review of it. Let me know in the comments section if you would like that.

The Wedding was on Saturday and I missed most of it because I came from Camp. It took a friend 4 hours to get out of camp so I just waited till the traffic died down and got to Lagos in 1 hour. I wore a beautiful dress from Bella Cosa and I got so many compliments. Remember them from this post? I hosted a giveaway in conjunction with them earlier in the year. Style post will be up in a bit so keep your eyes peeled :)

If you haven't subscribed to my youtube channel, do so now! My third vlog in the series is up, check it out here. I'm giving away a Novel in it :) You have to watch it to find out what you need to do to win it. The winner will be announced in Next week's vlog.
 Oh yeah, my Afro is out :)
I took out my Box Braids over the weekend and washed and deep conditioned. My wash day routine hasn't changed much from this post. I just use a Different shampoo, a different conditioner and this time I pre-poo'd with tea tree oil on one half of my hair and sweet almond oil on the other half. What oil do you use to pre poo?
This is the Book I'm giving away in the vlog.
Abimbola Dare is an Amazing writer, I wonder why she isn't more popular.
I went to sweet kiwi over the weekend and saw her latest book on sale there, have any of you read any of her books before?
I've been loving Nude lipsticks this past week, what's your favourite Nude lippie?
I always forget to mention features in blogposts but I update the features section of the blog. There's a Mini Interview and feature on The Style HQ Young Creative Nigerian post, a Style Feature on Style by Ayaba, they described me perfectly and an article on  Natural Hair for the guardian life.

How was your weekend?


  1. awesome,
    that book...


  2. O girl you no you're getting old when your age mates dey wed Lool. Your hair is lush! I have heard so much about sweet kiwi, God willing when I go to 9ja I hav to land dere lool. I hope they have soya based Ice creams :D

    1. You got that right! She's 2 years my senior by age and 1 year by class so it's alright :)
      Awwww, Thank you!!
      Lool, I don't know if they have soya based products but it's frozen yoghurt, not ice cream. Hans and Rene is really popular top, Lagos's first gelateria, Yum!

  3. First time commenting here. Bimbo is my friend, and a great writer. Love the book.

    Atilola's World

    1. Awwww, welcome to my blog :) She really is a great writer. I can't wait to read when broken chords sing!

  4. I love your afro, you look so cute. I hope I get to win the book though, would have to watch the video when i get a good network. Cant wait for your style feature.

    1. Hehe, Thank you DLeona :)
      The winner will be announced next week and the style post will be up tomorrow!

  5. *weeps for my dress that was stolen* The one in the first photo

    Yay, fro's back.

    Have a nice week.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Eyah, pele!!
      Yes o, it's been gone for a while, I've missed it, hehe
      Thanks Berry :)
      Hope you have a great week too!

  6. great blog by the way....stopping by. I manage abimbola dare and we are pleased to read this. can we chat offline? my email is ladjob2002@yahoo.co.uk. name is yemi

  7. That dress does look amazing.

  8. Hey Tuke....your hair is pretty and congrats on your VLOG....Heading down to watch it now....Plus I shopped on kampe.com and saw the discount thingy after I had ordered....*weeps*...lol. have am amazing day!

    1. Thank you Shalom :)
      Awwww mehn, if you hadn't used the product yet you would have returned it and then ordered it again with the discount code, hehe :)

  9. 'Fro! <3 It doesn't stand or was it slightly wet?
    I haven't read any of her books but then again it's a bit difficult getting books here in Abuja.


  10. It stands o, it was a bit damp, like it wasn't fully dry. You can order it from Laterna online or leave her a message on any of her social media channels asking where it is stocked in Abuja.