Tuke's Quest: October 2015

Weekend Gist: Jazz Night, Lagos Photo & A Natural Hair Shoot

Hi Guys,

Hope your week is going well!

Weekend Gist is coming late because my exam is in a couple of days....Aaaahhhh!!!

First things first, the vlog of the week is up :)
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My First Beauty Video

Hi Guys,

Happy Friday!!

I hope you had a Great Week :)

I'm excited for this post because it is my first Beauty Tutorial!!!!

People asked for it when I put up the Simple and Easy Make up Pictorial so here it finally is!
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Weekend Gist: Radio Interviews, TV Features & A Millesime giveaway

Hey Guys :)

Happy Hump Day!!

Hope you're having an enjoyable week!!

Last week Friday I had 2 Radio Interviews, one at Liveway Radio & the other at Naija FM 103.5. I enjoyed both of them and will put up the recordings once I get them.
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Weekend Gist: Glowreeyah's album launch & a 50th Birthday Party

Hey Guys,

Happy Monday!

Hope your weekend was enjoyable & hope you're making progress with your goals. My music exam that I spoke about here is in a couple of weeks so Tuke is in Student mode :)

Last weekend was very Sax filled for me, Musicians will say she gigged every day.
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My 5 Favourite Hair Products & A Hair Talk

Hey Guys, 

Long time, No Hair Post. Well, here's one for you :)

So remember how in this post, I told you I spoke about Natural Hair at an Event at Unilag, well, I finally got the pictures, Yayyy :)
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Weekend Gist: Femi Leye's Album Launch & #FindYourVelvet

Hey Guys, TGIF!

This is the weekend gist I owe you from the Sallah Weekend :)

That was the week of the She Hive and the Prayer Conference at my church where I ministered, video here:)

So, on Saturday I went for Dolce & Gabbana's perfume launch at the palms
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Weekend Gist: 9ja Mentors, LCA Film Fest & Sax Things

Hi Guys,

Happy Tuesday :)

I owe you 2 weekend gists, the one for the Sallah Weekend and the Independence day one. The flash I got for my Birthday stopped working a couple of weeks ago :(  I got it back from the repairman today though so I can start taking detailed pictures of my makeup (like this one & this one) and pictures of events at Night/when there is low light. Fun Fact, I have gotten all the items from my wishlist except the original number 2, Thank God :)

So, First of all, Vlogs, the 10th one is up and so is the 11th one. I share a lot of experiences about challenges I've faced in this journey and lessons I've learnt too so watch and share.
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Nigerian Independence Day Collaboration with Pretty Faze

Hey Guys :)

Happy New Month!!!

Happy Independence Day too!!!

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