Tuke's Quest: April 2014

It's Play Time!!!

So, if you know me or have read the posts on this blog, you would know that I love theatre. Two plays i'll definitely be watching this month are...

Band Aid : it's about a group of musically inclined friends who fall in love with the same girl.
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May Day Events

Hi Guys!

I'm not even sure if people go for these events after reading about them on here but I have the information so why not share?

Tomorrow is May Day, whooohooo, I'm really excited because it's a public holiday and today is my CD (Community Development) Day so I more or less have a 3 day work week, Yayy me!!

For any aspiring Actor or Actress, Tinsel in collaboration with Africa Magic Original Movies are holding auditions on the 1st and 2nd of May from 7am to 5pm. They are happening at 4 venues nationwide and there is no form of pre-registration, you just go, it's a general audition. I've never been for one before but i'll write up my experience afterwards, it's bound to be interesting. More Details on the Banner below.
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Tribute to Sam

So a member of my youth church died last week. His name is Samuel Psalm Umoh and I met him for the first time at a summer youth retreat in 2012. He was very skinny, short, friendly and wanted to be my buddy (everybody was assigned a partner who was called their buddy, so we became a threesome). He represented us in the blindfold game and was a smiley easy going guy.

 We didn’t really talk much since then except the usual Hi/Hello in Church. We had a few short convos on facebook, mainly him checking up on me and I’m glad I responded because sometimes people form busy or can’t be bothered to reply facebook messages (I’m guilty of that sometimes to be honest).

I pray his soul rests in Peace, he made an impact in his short 24 years on life, he passed away a few days to his 25th birthday. He will be sorely missed as he was in charge of my youth group’s social media so kept us updated. May God keep the rest of us safe and not let us die early/untimely death’s. May his Soul Rest in Peace and May God comfort and strengthen his family and friends during this trying time.

Adieu Sam!

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Easter Round Up!!!

So a friend just whatsapp’d me, his family are around from Kenya for Easter and he needs events to take them to. I said why not whip up this quick post and keep y'all informed.

Kinda late notice but happening now
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Good Music: Kaliné- Ololufemi

In the same way I prefer watching stage plays to movies at the cinema, I would rather watch a live band than an artist singing along to a backing track or lip syncing.

This song has literally been on replay since I saw the video earlier this week, I find it really soothing and I know the lyrics already.
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Saturday, Sunday in Lagos

I drove on Saturday to a writer’s conference, shows I’m actually quite serious about this blogging thing or I wouldn’t have spent a good part of my day there. It was a free event held at protea hotel on awolowo road and I learnt a lot. My friend, Ify Halim, who started  our stories  invited me and I’m really glad I went, check her site out. I’m one of the contributors and I wrote a poem. Vote for your favourite, the theme for the month is Precious Rags.
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Friday, Funday

So I haven’t really shown/told anyone about this blog and a friend of mine says it’s because I’m ashamed that it looks like a graveyard. I’m making it come alive the same way my weekend was live sha.

My school closed on Friday so my 3 week holiday has begun, whoohooo. I had been looking forward to Lala Akindoju’s Open mic theatre for a really long time, since I was in uni to be honest. It was the first one of the year and I was motivated despite whatever hindrances to be there. I went on my own as the people I was supposed to go with couldn’t make it.

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He knows my every thought

My dad recently told my mum that I start things but don’t finish them. At first I disagreed but after thinking about my life, I realised he might be partially correct. I wrote this post on Sunday the 30th of March, tried putting it up the next day at school using the blogger app on my phone. It didn’t work but it took me a while to realise this as i didn't follow up. Anyways the koko of the matter is that it should have been put up since so now I have a backlog of posts. I’m trying to stop making excuses because excuses never helped nobody.

So I had a pretty good sunday but the best part for me was at church. Every last Sunday my youth church holds an atmosphere for worship service.  Today's own was on point, as usual, I don't think you can ever go wrong with worship. To me hymns>worship>praise (my preference). At a point during the service I was really craving a hymn ‘All hail the power of Jesus name’ to be precise.  Literally 2 minutes after I started singing it in my mind the minister followed suit.
I was amazed and extremely happy, it was a little reminder from God that he hears my every thought, he knows everything, that’s why he is called Omniscient. So there's no need to worry about the challenges I'm going through because he knows what is going on. 

My events weren't bad, I charged my camera battery overnight so I'll be able to capture my day's activities. I was going through some pictures on the way to church and silly ol’ me forgot to turn off the camera. So I got to the car after church and find out my battery is dead, lesson learnt sha, I'll be more careful next time.

I went for the shopping event first, got given a goody bag as I was one of the first 100 people to get there Yayy me. I only bought one thing, a gold Egyptian like necklace (N2,500) as I knew I was going to spend money at the make up fair. It was at freedom park in Lagos Island and I love that place, it brings back good memories.

 One of my primary reasons for attending the fair was the makeup classes by Bimpe Onakoya. It was advertised that it’ll be free but at the venue I found out you had to buy at least 5k worth of Maybelline products to get entry into the masterclass. You also had to go to another area of the hall to find your colour shade, this took a little while as there were many people on the queue. My shade is caramel,I got the powder (N2,000), Kolossal Kajal (N850 each, I got 2) and the Kolossal Mascara(N1,200).
I got in at the end of the colour theory talk and then we all had to step out and queue up for the next class which was about highlighting and contouring. I left towards the end of the class as my friend Foladele, who blogs here was acting in the play, 'That Scoundrel Suberu'.

It was advertised that it’ll start at 4 o’ clock but it started 20 minutes late which isn’t too bad considering the fact that the last one I attended started over an hour late. First of all the play was free which is pretty amazing yet all the actors got paid. The audience was encouraged to donate whatever they wanted to at the end towards the live theatre on sunday cause. It was about 90 mins long, dragged on a little bit, not that some scenes were unnecessary but they could have been shortened. My favourite actors were Njoku with his 2 front teeth gone and Suberu. They’ve got another play titled Belong coming up with some of my fave actors in it, Dolapo Oni and OC Ukeje. Sadly I’ll be out of the country but if you are around do try and attend it.

Oh yeah, cutest thing, got given a scarf at Church for mother's day.
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