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Good Music: Kaliné- Ololufemi

In the same way I prefer watching stage plays to movies at the cinema, I would rather watch a live band than an artist singing along to a backing track or lip syncing.

This song has literally been on replay since I saw the video earlier this week, I find it really soothing and I know the lyrics already.

  • I Love the Video
  • Love the Vocals
  • Love the Scenery
  • Love the Band
  • Love her voice (Soprano Tinz)
  • Love the harmonies
  • Love the Outfit Choices
  • Love how things progress as the days go by, like the band becomes fuller, violin and cello added.
  • Love the fact that it was directed by 37th state (They did Tiwa Savage’s Ife Wa Gbona and their videos are unforgettable, they always stand out)
  • Love her Hair (Her Afro is Huge and Natural Hair rocks!!!)
  • Love the fact that she writes her own music and she can play the Piano and Violin.

She’s soooo Talented!!!
A true musician, she sings effortlessly, I also love the way she ad libs.
She went to my Secondary school and I remember her performing at one of our Christmas Concert’s.
Go Lagoon, Go Lagoon, Gooo!!!
She also attended Imperial College (Business Management) and Berklee College of Music. (Beauty, Brain and Talent, Oshey!!)
If I ever decide to go pro with Sax, I will go to Berklee. I remember doing research on it back in first year, wanted to go there after uni, glad I’m doing NYSC now though. If it’s supposed to be, it’ll happen, I trust God that everything is going to work out fine. Plus, I’m focusing on doing my Grade 5 Music Theory  Exam this year.

She isn’t that known/big in Nigeria yet but I’m sure that she will be some day. Her music might not appeal to everybody but for people who appreciate neo soul, mellow sounds, jazz like music it doesn’t get better than this.

I’m happy that even though her genre isn’t popular culture she has found her niche/music style and stuck to it. Some other songs by her that I like.



  1. I went to a Christmas Concert about two years ago and she performed there! I was blown away! I love your blog. We have to be inseparable once I get back to Naij, you know what's happening!

    1. Aww, it was probably the Ajumogobia Concert at Muson. Thanksss girl, deffss, you know how much I love hanging out with you :) ;)