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Saturday, Sunday in Lagos

I drove on Saturday to a writer’s conference, shows I’m actually quite serious about this blogging thing or I wouldn’t have spent a good part of my day there. It was a free event held at protea hotel on awolowo road and I learnt a lot. My friend, Ify Halim, who started  our stories  invited me and I’m really glad I went, check her site out. I’m one of the contributors and I wrote a poem. Vote for your favourite, the theme for the month is Precious Rags.
So even though this blog isn't in full swing yet it'll get there. Consistency in posting is key, writing is not the problem at all for me. The conference started at 10, I got there round 12 as I had to run some errands for my dad before I was allowed to leave the house. 

The line up of speakers was pretty impressive, I learnt most from Adaku of Third WorldProfashional and Ikechukwu Ofili of Ofilispeaks is a very funny guy. I love how honest and down to earth he was about everything including finances and expenditure. I couldn’t stay until the end as I had to rush to Muson for a play, The Tarzan Monologues.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I LOVE THEATRE, I would rather spend N2,500 on a play than N1,000 on a  movie at the cinema; I’m not rolling in money yet, but i really enjoy live performances. Maybe I'll start reviewing the plays I attend because I go quite often. 

It was written and directed by the fabulous Wale Oguntokun. Hands down the best play I've watched this year, it 
was a mix of comedy and drama and there were many lessons to be learnt. It’s showing at the Edinburgh Fringe festival from August 1st to the 25th so my readers in the Obodo i.e. overseas can watch it then.

Quality-top notch
Set-clean (wasn’t too busy), Boxing ring backdrop was creative
Costume- dapper, classy
Singing - beautiful, harmonies got my ears tingling
I love the way the singers caressed the songs and the percussion came in at the right time, not too loud, not too quiet, perfection.

Some quotes from the various monologues 
  • A man will sew his wild oats on Saturday night and pray for crop failure on Sunday morning
  • It is not the size of the weapon but the fury of the attack
  • Girls who play hard to get don't get caught
  • In the race of life It's not over until it's over
Headed off to a friends house in Lekki, it was her birthday. From there I proceeded to Feyi's house for her birthday celebration, she blogs here.
I had soooo much fun, we have a lot of mutual friends because we went to the same primary school, secondary school, university and we are serving in the same batch. The food was on point and the small chops was delicious. I Love Smalll chops, I really do, I have even classified them into a hierarchical form, will post my small chops hierarchy someday.

Had to drive home pretty late, I am not really a fan of night driving but I gotta get used to it, there ain't no train for me to hop on, hehe.

On Sunday I went to church, my best friend, Mosope slept over which was pretty cool, didn’t take any picture with her sha.  Sometimes at church I learn a LOT of different things and I write tons of stuff down. Today was different, the youth pastor referred to many Bible verses and only one thing from the message stuck.

Basically he described a scenario, let’s say you are about to be killed because you have committed a crime but then someone who you have never met or spoken to allows himself to be killed. How would you feel, someone in the congregation said Eternally grateful and I concurred. Now imagine if the guy that laid his life down for yours came back to life, how would you treat him? That’s essentially what Jesus did for us, it made me think.

I went to mosope’s house after church, chilled and practiced sax with a friend and fellow corper, NiySax, he’s my oga in that field, he has been playing for 11 years, he ain’t no rookie. It was pretty fun, I love music and I think the sax is the most beautiful instrument, It produces the most beautiful sound. Slightly biased opinion but whatever.

I’m a part of the organizing team for Live Your Dreams Africa, the event holds on the 26th and it is gonna be amazing, life changing, revolutionary, REGISTER NOW!!! It’s free too. We had a meeting with volunteers and I might be playing the sax on that day with Niyi so fall through. Plus we have some top class speakers, Timi Dakolo, Tara Fela-Durotoye, Ik Osakioduwa, Chude Jideonwo and a host of others.
live your dreams africa
I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

Sorry if this was a long post but that’s what happens when I don’t post as they come, you get information overload, Triple Whammy (Three posts in one day, i try).

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Thank you!


  1. I like your blog and I know Niyi Sax. He goes to my church when I'm in Lagos> you're enjoying life o. Detuke, I miss you

  2. Awww, Thank you Tunrayo :) Eyah, small world. I miss you too, hope uni isn't too stressful o!!

  3. Detuke! I thought I'd stop by and say hi :) Keep up the good work!... Ify

  4. Aww Niyi goes to my church too! Haha. That's something isn't it, small world. I really like your blog, definitely going on my list of blogs to keep up with! Well done :)

    Reni | Lilac Tinted Views

  5. Aww, woww, Very Small World!! Thank youu :) I'm blushing, hehe :D