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Tribute to Sam

So a member of my youth church died last week. His name is Samuel Psalm Umoh and I met him for the first time at a summer youth retreat in 2012. He was very skinny, short, friendly and wanted to be my buddy (everybody was assigned a partner who was called their buddy, so we became a threesome). He represented us in the blindfold game and was a smiley easy going guy.

 We didn’t really talk much since then except the usual Hi/Hello in Church. We had a few short convos on facebook, mainly him checking up on me and I’m glad I responded because sometimes people form busy or can’t be bothered to reply facebook messages (I’m guilty of that sometimes to be honest).

I pray his soul rests in Peace, he made an impact in his short 24 years on life, he passed away a few days to his 25th birthday. He will be sorely missed as he was in charge of my youth group’s social media so kept us updated. May God keep the rest of us safe and not let us die early/untimely death’s. May his Soul Rest in Peace and May God comfort and strengthen his family and friends during this trying time.

Adieu Sam!

Whenever it is that I get taken to Heaven, I want everyone present/everyone I have ever met to say I made a positive impact in their life/inspired them in some way. (that’s if rapture hasn’t happened my then though)

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