Tuke's Quest: July 2015

My Coral Heels

Hi Guys,

Hope your week is going well! The weekend is almost here, Yippee :)

My friend's birthday was a couple of days ago and I wore this look out to dinner. How cute are my Coral Heels from Kampke.com. Get them now for N4,500 in Black or Coral, all you have to do is enter the Discount code TUKE25 at Checkout. 

 They have them in Blue & GoldBlack & GoldBlack & Print and Denim & Print too. I'm rocking my favourite Light Denim Jeans from Bershka and a Staple White Shirt from Ralph Lauren. These jeans are so versatile, they've been featured on the blog in 2 Day to Night Posts, here and here.
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Weekend Gist & My First Vlog!!!

Hello everybody!

Hope you had a Great Weekend, Mine went well :) 

A friend got married on Saturday and I left there very very full. It was well contained, medium sized, there was more than enough food, the vibes were great, no one was hustling, I really enjoyed myself.

 Two of my favourite vendors were there, Hans and Rene, I did a review of their gelateria here and Helado Delicia, where I got my delicious Red Velvet Birthday Cake from. Grind Grill Cafe was there too, I had their chips and chicken wings, they had Burgers as well. I'm not really a Burger Fan but their style of food reminded me of BBQ & Cravings, remember them from this post?

It's really interesting how huge the wedding industry is in Nigeria. My first article published on Bella Naija was about 20 lessons I've learnt from attending weddings in Nigeria. I don't like tying gele, weddings have evolved since then, I really like the photo booths. This was my look for the wedding on Saturday, it's very similar to my make up pictorial but I added some eyeshadow and did a little highlight and contour, don't think it's very noticeable sha.
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Vibrant Prints & Half Bun Box Braids

Hey Guys :)

Happy Hump Day!

I just want to say that I appreciate all the comments you guys leave, they inspire me to do better and to never give up on my creative endeavours, Thank you :* :*  :*

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Weekend Gist: Long Weekend

Hey Guys :)

How are you? How was your weekend? What did you get up to?

My friend's birthday was on Thursday so we all hung out at Posh Cafe after work. I did a review of it here, it's a pretty interesting spot.

On Friday I got some Music materials from an older saxophonist friend and just had a nice relaxing time with family.

Saturday was B to the U to the S to the Y. First stop was Funto Ibuoye Née Oni's event, Becoming. It was an inspiring and enlightening event for women and I'm glad I was able to make it. Check the hashtag #Becoming on Instagram & Twitter and follow them @thebeautifiednetwork on Instagram and @beautifiedNW on Twitter. I listened to Bola Balogun and Tosyn Bucknor speak and I bumped into a couple of blog readers.
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Easy and Simple Make Up Tutorial (WOC)

Hey Guys,

Are you excited for the holiday? Got anything exciting planned? Share Share Share!

I have been trying to shoot a Beauty Vlog for the looooooongest time, I did the perfect one the day I took the pictures in this post but I deleted it accidentally before I transferred it to my Laptop :(

I really wanted to do a video review of the LA Girl Matte Lip Gloss but the subsequent ones after the one I deleted weren't coming out right hence why I did the review in a pictorial form, check it out here.

This is a Pictorial of a Simple Make up Look, No Eyeshadow, No Highlight, No Contour. This is what I do when I'm going out and I know pictures will be taken. It takes about 7-10 minutes.

Hope you like it! 
 So, I start off with my bare face, I got my eyebrows shaped recently at House of Tara.
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Print on Print

Hi Guys :)

How are you? Hope you had a great weekend :)

I played at the Redemption Camp on Friday and it was AWESOME!! I put a couple of pictures on Instagram and I'll put a post up once I get the professional pictures and video.

I went to The Social Place on Sunday for an event organised by Leading Ladies Africa. I got there about 30 minutes before it ended because of car trouble so I missed most of it but it seemed like it was an enlightening event. I saw my fellow bloggers, Berry, Cassie and Kachi :)

I took some pictures of my outfit too, hope you like them!

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Home-Made Waffles & Spring Rolls

Hey Guys :)

Happy Monday! Hope you had a Great Weekend!!!

Mine was pretty calm, I watched the stage play, Annie at Muson on Friday and it was really really good. It was done by the graduating set of my Primary School and I really just wanted to get off my seat and join them on Stage. I've been singing all the songs since then.

I woke up this morning craving waffles, my Aunt made some last weekend, wrote all about it in this post where I rocked this look
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There's a Consignment Store in Nigeria!

Hey Guys,

So I typically don't do press releases but I found this one really interesting and the owner is someone I admire and respect.


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LA Girls Matte Pigment Gloss Review on Dark Skin (WOC)

Hey Guys :)

Happy New Month!!

I hope this half of the year is way better than the first half for you o!

I've been trying to do this review for the longest time. Remember I asked in this post if you guys wanted Pictures or a Video. I have tried and tried to record the perfect video, I finally made one that I loved on the day of this post but then I accidentally deleted it :(

I literally tried all weekend to recover it from the memory card but it wasn't working out. Tried recording another video but they haven't come out right so I have just taken it as a sign from God that it's not my time to vlog.

So, Matte Liquid Lipsticks were on my Birthday Wishlist, I got 3 of them, hope you like the swatches, it took me a long time to get these looking the way I wanted.
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