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Restaurant Review: BBQ & Cravings

Hey Guys

I tried out this new restaurant over the weekend. I discovered them on Instagram and read a review by Morenike of Lilac Tinted Views. It's in Lekki, 4th roundabout, really close to House on the Rock Church. If that's too far for you, order online from citychops.

It's a very Chilled spot, outdoor seating, not too fussy, wet wipes and hand sanitizer on the tables (very essential), reasonable pricing and really goooood Food!
My friend got a Burger and it came with 2 sides, he got wedges and curly fries. I'm not a Burger Fan so I didn't have a bite but he loved it and had a smile plastered on his face while he devoured his meal, it was really fun to watch. I didn't know food could make him so happy and giddy.

The Burger came wrapped in this checkered paper
It's called The Old Country with sausages, eggs and cheese
I got Ribs and they were delicious, cut into small manageable chunks too. I haven't had good ribs in Lagos tbh so if you're a rib lover, you need to stop by this joint.
I got the Ribs meal so ordered curly fries and Aromatic rice as my sides. I tackled the rice after the fries and ribs were gone. Poured the rice unto the tray so the rib sauce mixed nicely with it :)

The walls are made of Bamboo and they've got interesting art adorning them too. One side of the wall is white and people sign on it, writing about their experiences. It was very interesting to read, you can see snippets of it on their Instagram page (@bbqcravings)
Our meal came to a Total of N5,800  which is great because the food was De-Li-Cious!
Can drinks and bottled water cost N200 each which is good as most restaurants in Lagos overprice their drinks. No alcohol on the menu, hehe, just Fanta, Coke, Sprite, Bitter Lemon or water. 

People confessed their love for their wings on the white wall. I need to try that out someday soon and the gizzard and bbq turkey too. Definitely going back in the next couple of weeks.

P.S. Remember that event I mentioned in this post, well, I've got some more details for you, Save the Poster and Mark the Date! Chef Tandoh is in Town!


  1. Glad you had a wonderful meal that was not overpriced.

  2. You're making me hungry this late :'(

    Lol, looks like you had a blast Detuke.

    1. Hehe, pele Ify. It isn't too far from you sha and they are open from Tuesdays to Sundays, 11am till 10pm!

  3. #1. What are the odds that your review and EatDrinkLagos's came at the same time?

    #2. I've been promising Olumide (the owner) that I'll come siiiiince. Did you know he used to be part of the 3 Cousins and a Crook BBQ restaurant in Lekki? I think that got shut down though.

    #3. How does a girl who's watching her weight eat at a BBQ restaurant?

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. 1) LOL, Great minds maybe?

      2) I didn't meet the owner and I never got the chance to visit 3 cousins and a crook. I remember suggesting it as a venue for a meet up but one of my friend's said it had closed down. I have no clue why though but I'm glad he didn't let the BBQ dream die. I was reading the three cousins and a crook blog last night, it was pretty interesting too! (Link Below)

      3) LOL, you eat there on your cheat day so you don't feel guilty :)

    2. @Berry

      I think you should check out their menu because you can have grilled chicken or turkey and their salad is amazing as well... Olumide is on point with that.

      I am a huge fan of BBQ Cravings (The grilled spicy chicken is very much on point)

    3. Oh, okay. Good to know they cater for the fit fam.
      Hmmm, I haven't heard a bad thing about them yet.
      Spicy grilled chicken is now added to my list :)

  4. 4th roundabout, that's my zone. I could even walk there. Tuke you have unleashed the beast.

    1. LOL, Sandra, that sounds dangerous! Reminds me of Sisqo unleashing the dragon.
      Let me know how you find it!

    2. I had the ribs today and it was deeelicious! I have this stupid grin on my face right now. Lol. I'm going to do a review

    3. Oh, wow, Yayyy, I'm glad.
      Didn't know you were gonna go there so quickly.
      Looking forward to reading your review!

  5. Hiya Tuke, I nominated you for the versatile award on my blog, here's the link to my blog

  6. Hungry already! I feel the ambience of the place from this post.

  7. YOU WERE RIGHT lol this looks so much better than the wings spot in Abuja, you guys in Lagos have all the fun. We will have to visit when we are in town..those ribs look amazing!

    1. Looool, But you guys had grills in and out before us :)
      Both places have their pros and cons to be honest.
      Let me know what you think of it when you do visit!