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My Kente Crop Top

Hey Guys!

Happy Pancake Day! Check out my Pancake Party Post to tickle your taste buds, hehe :)

I was gifted this vibrant kente crop top and some Palazzo pants from Iconola about 2 weeks ago. I wanted to wear the top to church and I was in a slightly tomboyish mood too so I paired it with a white shirt (like in this post) and my trusty Bershka jeans.

Iconola means image of wealth and honour. They are the first ready to wear brand in Nigeria and were established out of passion and delight with price points between N2,000 and N15,000. Their slogan is Real People, Real Clothes, Real Prices. Check them out on Instagram @iconolabrand or stop by their store in Lekki at number 4 George Enemoh Crescent.
I really like Kente, I've only been to Ghana once, I want to go there again, hopefully, some things happen this year that will provide me the opportunity to travel round Africa like I wrote down in my 2015 goals post. Some of  them are being fulfilled, Thank God. I'll do a quarter year review to share my progress. Hope you all are making leadway with your goals for the year.
The cute flower in my hair was a present from one of my closest friends, Adiba, she's really sweet. She's got a very sharp mouth but her actions are the best, always surprising me with small small presents from the obodo and unexpected gestures too like 2 hour phonecalls/catch up sessions.
Oh, yeah, the plaster on my hand is from IV/drip. I ended up being admitted at the hospital on Friday, who knew I would react so strongly to the tetanus jab I spoke about in my previous post. I'm much better now, Thank God, Health really is wealth.
I let the fro out and converted the crop top to a waist coat :)
I think I look like a troublesome tomboy
or a cowgirl? All that's missing is a pair of boots, hehe
I'm really glad I went natural, our hair is so versatile

Spiced things up a bit, changed the earrings and the heels and I did a little frohawk.

My Laviye accessories stay winning
Oh  Mr Sun Sun, Mr Golden Sun, please shine down on me :)
Funmi, the girl who took all these pictures, suggested I zip it up and I think it turned out quite nicely, what do you think?
I Love this picture even though it's blurry

Apparently my face changes with my hair, do you agree?
Looking like a character from Kidulthood, Nah?
I need Jamaican Black Castor Oil in my life, I've run out :(

Jeans: Bershka (as seen here)
Shirt: H and M
Crop Top: Iconola
Red Heels: Forever 21 (as seen here)
Black Heels: Kampke (as seen here)
Loafers: Russell and Bromley (as seen here)
Satchel & Bangle: Laviye (as seen here)
Big Bag: Abuja Arts & Crafts Market

So, Red or Black heels?
Afro, Puff, Fro Hawk or Funky Updo?

P.S. My sister introduced me to a really cool mix of Praise and worship songs on youtube, it's 3 and a half hours long and it's just perfect, link here. I once did a post on good soul lifting music, check it out here if you haven't.


  1. Nice, love your style! I remember you from Lagoon secondary school, especially the smile. Was one year below then...

    1. Thanks Ogochukwu, yeah, I remember you, Ify's' friend :)

  2. the crop top is so cute and i love the fact that its so must have really had an adverse effect of that tetanus injection hope you feel better now.

    1. Yes, I did o, Fever, infection, vomitting, the worst!
      I'm all good now sha, Thank God :)

  3. Thank you Talikhi :)
    I like your choices :D
    Serious Thank God o!

  4. You rocked all the looks and combos beautifully, Tuke.

  5. Ehyaa haven't checked blogs ina while. Sorry hun about the whole bruhaha! Do takecare of yourself. Glad you feel better. Looking fab as always! that Kente piece...LOVE IT!

  6. I love the way you put it on a shirt. Ingenious.
    Fro hawk and black heels for me, but your loafers are giving me major shoe envy.

    1. Thank you Sandra :)
      Yeah, that's probably the most girlyish look, hehe, that's good, Loafers of Life!

  7. I love the look. Crisp white shirt and blue classic. P.S. How do you wear your natural fro to work if you do?

    1. Thank you :) :
      When I wear it to work, it's almost always in a simple puff. Sometimes I do a little quiff like in my pinstripes workflow post. I haven't done mini twists in my hair yet, going to try that soon.

  8. I love that crop top!!!! You do look amazing and L'aviye always slays!!! Your sense of humour tho, laughed thru this post. :-)

    1. Awww, Thank you Tolu :)
      You're right, Laviye stays slaying especially with her Amelia heels!
      Yayy, someone appreciates my sense of humour, I'm glad :)

  9. I actually prefer the top zipped up backwards. Good ideas wearing a white shirt underneath. Love the fro as well and thank God for healing you.

    Princess Audu

    1. Thank you Sarah, yeah, I like the edginess when it's rocked that way too :)
      Asin, Thank God o, Health isn't something to joke around with.

  10. Those black heel,i want*Grin*

  11. Pretty smile you got there..i love the kente jacket.