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Weekend Gist

Hey Guys

Happy Monday!!

How are you? How was your weekend?

Mine was great, really busy, weekeends tend to be busier than weekdays for me.

I got a call on Friday Morning to play at a 40th Birthday dinner that evening. It's really funny how the gig came about. The client called my dad in America, then my dad called me and gave me her number to call her. I really enjoy being part of people's special moments and I got a couple of pictures, yayyy :)

Saturday was really busy, spent time with family members. We made waffles, spring rolls and had ice cream too. There's nothing like spending quality time bonding and gisting with family members. There's nothing like good health too, make sure you eat well, exercise and go for regular check ups at the hospital, Health really is wealth!

I went for a secondary school friend's birthday afterwards and then went to see my old flat mate from uni who was around for a couple of days. We didn't have much time to gist sha but I'm glad I saw him. I did a lot of driving, I really dread driving in traffic but I realise that playing music helps to take away some of the pain, how do you deal with traffic? Especially third mainland bridge traffic and lekki-epe expressway traffic?

I went to a different Church on Sunday, it's called Global Harvest and it's in Maryland. Helen Paul was the guest speaker. She was supposed to do comedy but was led to share her story and I'm glad she did. I found it really encouraging and it was just what I needed to keep the fire for my passions burning.

I went to the Kaymu Fashion Day out at 4 points where I saw some of my favourite bloggers and then I stopped by the Beauty in Lagos party before rushing off to the mainland to play Sax. A very busy weekend but a very enjoyable one too. I met a number of Blog readers/people who follow me on Instagram and it was really nice. Will put up picture filled posts as the week progresses :)

How was your weekend?



  1. Such a busy and fun weekend you had. I want some :)

    Mine was quite busy as well. My parents, sister and her hubby are in town, so we've got a super full house now (I have 3 other siblings who are married with kids, so that makes it a super full house). They came in on Friday, so I spent Friday night chilling with everyone.

    On Saturday, I went for a business Seminar, but I couldn't stay to the end. When we left, I took my sister and her hubby to a mall and chilled with them for a bit before I left that to attend a program in church.

    On Sunday, after church, the whole fam (excluding my parents) went to a theme park and that was really nice. I got back home so tired. But it was good fun.

    1. Hehe, come and get some!!
      Oh, wow, you're an aunty for many children o, I'm the first child so I have it different.
      It sounds like you had a pretty Fun weekend too, what theme park did you go to? I haven't been to one in aaaaages, like since 2012, Deep!

    2. Yea, it was a pretty good weekend too.

      I went to Adventure Island, Southend in Essex.

      Congrats on getting more gigs as well. That's pretty cool. Well done.

      P.S. I replied your comment on my blog.

    3. Oh nice, Thank you :)
      Yayyy, I'll go check it out!!

  2. Yay to getting more gigs!

    My weekend was full of activity See here! So much so that by Sunday, with the rain and traffic, I just couldn't complete the drive to the Beauty in Lagos event.

    1. Asin serious yayyy, I'm grateful for the consistency!

      I read the post already, you enjoyed correct food on Friday o! Can't wait to read the one about Inagbe resort, it was featured on the spot today and the owner seems to have some really great plans.

  3. Wow, really busy weekend indeed. Nice jacket, I want.

    1. Yes o, Thank you :)
      It was the first blazer I got when I started Uni 5 years ago, it has tried o!

  4. Guess who had so much fun without me..not cool *sad face*.