Welcome to My Month :) | Tuke's Quest

Welcome to My Month :)

Hi Guys :)

Happy New Month!

Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes, I really do appreciate it :)

My day went a bit differently than planned but I enjoyed it still, will do a post on it later in the month. My Mum had ordered food for the day so I told a couple of friends to stop by before I went off for the concert. These friends should have registered for the concert but they registered a tad bit too late so were told to watch it on Livestream. We all ended up watching it on livestream on the TV (via a HDMI cable) and about 15 of my friends came by on very short notice :)

My birthday celebration kinda started off on Thursday, watched Playing it cool at Palms, it was really funny. Friday was Democracy Day and I watched the ceremony on TV then had dinner at this really cool cafe in Ikoyi. I've written a review of it for the Fayrouz Blog, will let you know when it's up. For now you can catch up on all the posts I've written for them in the features Tab!

On Saturday I went for a Vision Board Party organised by Stephanie Obi. I met her while working on Live Your Dreams, we were in charge of Social Media & Publicity. She's hosting a training this weekend so if you are interested in a career in Social Media Marketing or you already work in Social Media Marketing, you should definitely register (link here) so you can network with other people in your industry while sharpening your skills. I went for God's Children Got Talent at Eko Hotel afterwards and it was a Great Event.

Remember I said I was playing at an Open Night on Sunday, well you can read about it here and see pictures and videos too.

I know I said (in this post) I wasn't excited for my Birthday but after watching the movie on Thursday, I realized that I actually have A LOT to be grateful for so I didn't feel down any more :)

I mean, everything isn't the way I would like it to be/the way I expected it to be. Like I mentioned in this article, life will definitely hand one lemons but I'm alive and I can move, I'm not struggling for clothing, shelter or food. My family is good, my health too. So why should I be ungrateful?

There is power in positivity, your mindset is important. Change it, Change your approach to issues and embrace the season you're at. There is a popular saying which says "A fool is someone who does the same thing twice and expects different results", Think outside the Box :)

By the way, what do you think of my hair in this new picture by the talented Niyi Okeowo, it was taken pretty recently, on the 24th of May :)

The Cookie Skin giveaway runs till the end of June, these products are worth 8k each so get involved folks!

There's a Hair event this sunday organised by Dabs of Naija Hair Can Grow, her blog is 5 so she's having a Salon Day Out at Oriental, more details here. I have one ticket to give away so if you want it send an email to tuke_morgan@hotmail.com with the Subject being I WANT A TICKET, fastest fingers first.
Oh yeah the video of myself and Nathaniel Bassey is now on my youtube page :)

Watch, Enjoy and Share!


  1. Hi Tuke, I just sent you a mail. Check check check! Lol

    1. Lool, seen it :)
      You won the ticket!

    2. Hi Tuke, thank you for my ticket. Did not get a chance to meet you as the event didn't quite start on time and i had to leave to catch up another appointment!

      I owe you plenty hugs! and a surpriese package.

      Thank you hunnie. God bless mightily the works of your hand.

    3. Oh okay, you're welcome Chioma :)
      Amen oo, will be expecting the package, hehe ;)

  2. Tuke i watched your performance and at some point, my eyes became teary. Well-done dearie, I'm glad you know God, you will surely go far.

    1. Awww, really? That's very touching :)
      Eyah, Thank you! Amen ooo!

  3. You played with Pastor Nat?
    Just awesome! Let me try and stream the video... and happy birthday in arrears!
    We may not be where we want to be right now but we should be thankful for where we are at..greater things ahead!

    1. Yes o, I never experred it :)
      Well, I knew it would happen one day but I didn't know it would happen that day!
      Thank you Frances, Yes o, a Greater things ahead in Jesus Name!

  4. Awww Happy birthday sweetie...... Keep doing your thing.

  5. Happy birthday love...this new year would bring great blessings and expansion into your life.


  6. My happy birthday is coming in late shey? Happy belated birthday dear.... I can't wait to watch you perform really..


    1. Lool, Better Late than Never :)
      Thank you Aunty Moby!!