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Ankara Inspired

So one day I told my really good friend, Busayo of Linguini that o boy we gotta take pictures mehn. I needed them for some applications and I really didn't have any recent studio shot potraits. We set a date and I told an upcoming Mua, Bukola Popson, that I met at Live Your Dreams Africa to come for the shoot and do my face. 

He was supposed to pick me up at 3 but came much earlier at 1:30. I sha rushed and packed different outfits, accessories and shoes into a bag then we headed off to his friend, Dipo's studio in Yaba. The make up took about an hour and then the shoot started. Bukky had to rush off to church so I did the touch ups/addition of colour to the face.

It took about 3 hours, shouldn't have taken that long but I was sweating quite a bit because I was getting really excited. Thus had to stand in front of the fan or be fanned by Busayo with the reflector. The following set of pictures are from the last look.

Black and White Serene African with Ankara Headtie

Ankara Headtie Black Model
What's up there?
Piercing Eyes of a Black Model
Look into my eyes
African Princess with Full Pouty Red Lips
African Princess
African Art with yellow and red ankara
Full lips on African Model Black and white picture
Vintage picture of African Model
Monochrome African Model

Red Beads on Pretty African Model with Ankara Headtie
Red Beads

I really love this yellow Ankara print but in my haste to leave the house I couldn't find the scarf. So I threw the peplum top into my box, rolled it and then secured it round my head with a hair band. I bought the earrings at my school's Funday and they only cost N400 (£1.60). I bought the necklace in Abuja at the arts and crafts market next to silverbird, it cost N1,000 (£4). The Egyptian looking bracelet is actually a belt that I wrapped round my hand a couple of times, got it from New Look (£6.99).

As you can see, I made do with what I brought along and I Thank God that the creative juices were flowing. I sorta know which one i like the best but would like to know your thoughts. Please comment and let me know which is your favourite, excuse the randomness of the names.

Much Love,


If you are in Lagos and are looking for an amazing, affordable, patient photographer who delivers sharply then holla at my guy, Busayo/Linguini. We took these pictures on Wednesday evening and he sent me the first set of edited pictures by Saturday. No wasting time, Oshey Sharp Guy!!!