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Sax Chronicles

Hi Guys

Sorry about the dearth of posts, my mum turned 50 on the 12th of May so my time has been spent planning the event and ensuring it's success. It went really well and I'm extremely grateful to God for her life. I'll probably do a post with pictures from that day later on. Now, to the matter at hand.

When I first moved back to Lagos, I struggled to find fellow musicians to play with. I knew Musicians but they practiced at inconvenient places and odd times. Now, I've found the perfect sax buddy and I’m really pleased.

We have a similar mentality and are at a pretty similar stage in our life. I met him in NYSC Camp as we are members of the NYSC Brigade Band. The world is really small, we have a number of mutual friends, it's really weird/cool.

Anyways he came to my house last weekend to practise for my mum's 50th and we ended up making some videos and finding a drummer that rehearses a few houses away from mine. It's quite exciting, the drummer we met is part of a band called amuntu and they've been playing for decades. I can't wait to learn from them!!

Here are 2 of the songs we messed about with. I know I look different, my afro puff is gone and the weave is here for my mum’s 50th. If you've got any songs you would like to hear us cover, do leave them in the comment box below.


Banky W- Yes/No

Sound of Music-Do, Re, Mi


  1. Awww, it's so cool that you play the saxophone. I don't play any musical instrument, but of recent I've been wishing I know how to play at least one. I wouldn't mind learning how to play the Piano

    1. Thank you :) the piano is a great instrument to start with because it will give you a solid foundation of music and what you learn on the keyboard can be used on other instruments.