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Maybelline: Maybe you'll win

Hey Guys,

It's been a while. I've missed blogging, been typing on phone but I don't like uploading until I get my hands on my laptop.

So, Maybelline launched some products in Nigeria earlier this year and I commend them for all the good work they have done. I mentioned them in an earlier post, I attended a make up fair they organised sometime in March. There's another Makeup Fair this weekend and it's going to be bigger and better with loads of discounts and giveaways.

Do you know I Love Giveaways? I mean who doesn't Love to win.

I went for a Saloon Day out organised by Naija Hair can grow earlier this month but I didn't stay till the end because I had two other places to go to and my neighbour was driving so staying too long would have been taking the piss. Anyways, you had to write your name and details down when you arrived and a lucky person was going to leave there with a Secura S-192 Hair and Facial steamer. It didn't even cross my mind that my name would be chosen but guess what, it was. I was kinda upset when I found out that my name was chosen but, in life, you win some, you lose some, you gotta move on. When one door closes, another one opens.

I follow Maybellinenyng on Instagram and I love how innovative they are. They organised a tea party for beauty bloggers and I find it amazing that they key into the benefits of social media and understand the importance of bloggers/how much impact they have. 

Anyways, they posted a picture on Instagram about a clear smooth shade contest and to qualify you had to state reasons why you are unique.

I love writing stories so I found an old picture of me on instagram with me playing the saxophone in my corper uniform and I hashtagged it.
I was one of the semi finalists and they said the person with the most likes would win. I reposted it on my page and many of my friends supported me :) Thanks for the likes people :*
Female Saxophonist from Nigeria during NYSC
I reposted it on my instagram page and I'm extremely grateful to all my friends that liked the picture as I won as the Caramel girl with 161 likes. They got in touch with the 4 winners and told us to forward our contact details. 

I got a call and they apologised for the delay in getting in touch which was really polite. I was told that I won 6 compact powders in my shade, a N25,000 mango shopping voucher, their colossal Volume express mascara, colossal kajal and baby lips (which hasn't been launched yet in Nigeria).

Maybelline Clear Smooth in One Powder in Nigeria

I went to their Anthony/Gbagada office earlier this week to pick up my goodies.

So, other than sharing my experience with you, i'll tell you what I have learnt from this contest.

1) Everything happens for a reason, every experience you go through teaches you something. You might not understand why now but in retrospect/hindsight you will. When I went for the makeup fair in April, we were told we had to buy at least N5,000 worth of product to gain entrance to the master class with Bimpe Onakoya. Thus I had to queue up and find my shade, buy a powder, mascara and 2 kajals before being allowed into the master class. Truth be told I was slightly irritated as I just wanted to learn, I didn't want to wait my turn for my shade to be found. I'm glad I did though because if I didn't know my shade I probably won't have bothered to take part in the contest.

2) You never know what the result will be so you might as well give it a shot. They actually wanted 6 winners in each shade but no one with the Mocha or Cacao shade took part in the contest. 

3) Don't underestimate people or companies; Nothing is ever as it seems. Maybelline was pretty mysterious about what contestants would win, they just called it a smooth prize. I was expecting only one powder or maybe a spa treatment but look at all the goodies I won :)

Maybelline Products Powder Mascara Kajal

Maybelline Nigeria Products

To end this story, my words for you are Try your hands at something New, uncertain, exciting this weekend, the outcome may shock you.

Oh yeah, check out Bella Naija for events this weekend.

Have a good one!

P.s. Sometimes i post pictures I screenshot from Instagram and it's obvious that I screenhot them. Just discovered this cool website that I can use to crop my pics, Yayyy me :)

P.s.s. might have taken it too far with the product shots, but who cares? I don't :D :p (I really don't like deleting pictures and I wasn't sure which one I liked the best tbh)



  1. wow,the contest was really worth the try.i have always loved maybelline but now i'm obsessed.can't wait to go get mine.

    1. Oh, yes it was. I totally didn't expect to win this much. Maybelline Rocks!!!

  2. Well done on your winnings, lovely products I say :)