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Weekly Roundup: What's happening, What I'm watching!!

It’s been a pretty busy week, I’m so glad the weekend is here, now I can finally rest.

I only have 2 events on Sunday, my friend's confirmation party and a Saloon Day Out, more information here. I'm really looking forward to it, I think I need to revamp my hair regimen and there would be a lot of information available, tutorials, products on sale and freebies too :) :D

I would love to play tennis tomorrow as I haven’t played since about March, my coach even whatsapp’d me during the week to ask how far. I doubt I will though, need to practise for open mic theatre, i'll be performing, you should come watch!! If you're interested in performing, simply send an email to openmictheatre@gmail.com.

I read Cassie’s blogpost earlier on and the first song that came to my mind was I smile by Kirk Franklin. I remember when the video just came out, I thought to myself that I would have loved to feature in it.
I also remembered a group I was part of in my 1st year of Uni. It’s called P29 and we did a flash mob in Nottingham's  town centre, the video of our ministration still touches me to this day. The P29 group was started by Natalie who featured me on her blog today, Yayyy me!! I love the fact that my words inspired her to do something :) #LittleThingsThatMakeMeHappy
I’m also watching the RCCG June Holy Ghost Service via Livestream. June is my birth month, time for special birthday prayer J Plus I usually play sax along with Pastor Kunle Ajayi and the other musicians when watching from home.

Oh yeah, Brian Tracy will be at Laterna Ventures, VI on Saturday the 7th of June for a book signing. He's also holding training sessions during the week and Laterna Customers get a 50% discount as well as a free book and a Certificate of training. Check out their facebook page for more info and if you don't know who Brian Tracy is then google it and enlighten yourself.

Have a Great Weekend!

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