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Make up brushes

Hey Guys!

Happy Boxing Day!!

How did you spend your day? Resting or turning up? I did a bit of both :)
I got a longed for present from my family members yesterday, perfect present too. A set of 12 professional make up brushes and a beauty blending sponge, Yayyy Me :)

Has anyone tried out CALA brushes before? I know dazzlebeautie did a review of one and she rated it highly so I have high expectations.

I had  never, I repeat NEVER washed my make up brushes until last month which is really bad. Some people wash theirs after every use, how often do you wash yours?
In case you didn't know. brushes need to be washed for hygenic reasons and because dirty brushees lead to more pimples
I spent 1 hour the first time I washed my brushes. really didn't expect the process to take that long but it did. I bought the mac brush cleaner in april and I got fixx plus in like june but I haven't really made use of either product.
I watched some youtube videos and got to work
All my brushes laid out
This picture just shows how much product was in the product, close up view, just for you.
The good thing about Real Techniques Brushes is that the bristles turn white when it's clean so you can tell if you've done a thorough job or not
This picture is here so you can see how full the bottle was at the beginning and how much of it I used up
Some youtube people said pour the brush cleaner on a paper napkin, swirl the brush in the liquid and voila. it's clean. I tried that with my Forever 21 lip brush but the brush was still dirty
I put a splodge of the brush cleaner on a kitchen towel/paper napkin
This paper napkin method doesn't work for me
I had spent a lot of time on it though
Wasted a lot of paper napkins in the process
The brown splodges didn't seem to be getting any lighter
Tried the water bowl method
Look how murky the water became
Then I followed up with the paper napkin method and there was light at the end of the tunnel
The brown be so faint, Thank God
The winning approach is the joint use of johnson's baby wash followed up by the brush cleaner for jara
Whoohoo, Victory
Look how much of the brush cleaner I used and I still had to add Johnson's for my brushes to be properly clean

For those who are interested, From L-R
 Bare Minerals Full Flawless Face Brush
Real Techniques Buffing Brush
Real Techniques Blush Brush
Forever 21 Brush set which includes a powder brush, lip brush, eyeshadow brush and angled brush (my fave)
Eco Tools Mini Powder Brush
Ecotools Mini Eyeshadow Brush
Ecotools Eyeshadow Brush
Kuddy Cosmetics 2 in 1 Eyeshadow/Blending Brush
Clean Brushes
Would I buy the brush cleaner again? Nope, it's an unnecessary expense, Johnson's shampoo/body wash does the job  better and it's cheaper too.

How do you clean your brushes?


  1. Washing with just the Johnson baby shampoo is just fine. You can try the process 2 or 3 times to get a better result. The MAC brush cleaner is like a temporary cleaning process until you're ready to do deep cleaning. Love this post x

    1. Yeah, Johnson's definitely does the job. Oh, okay, didn't know the Mac one was supposed to be a temporary cleaner. With that in mind, it fulfills it's purpose!
      Glad you love it, sweet words makes me smile :)

  2. Hey Tuke, You should try the elf brush cleaner! Amazeballs and cheap!

    1. Okey dokes, will give it a try when I can. Thanks for the tip :)

  3. do i have make up brush?hahahahah! well maybe when i am an expert in make up,i will buy it.

    1. LOL, it's fine Jo, it's Nysc and Lagos life that piqued my interest in Makeup!