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Restaurant Review: Petit Paris

Hello People 

Happy New Year's Eve, Aahhhhhhhh, 2015 is a couple of hours away, how are you feeling about the New Year? I'm excited, very excited tbh, you'll find out why once my end of year goal audit post is up.

I'm not sure how many posts I'll put up today, it might be 2, 3, 5 or 10, just keep refreshing this page. Oh yeah, I've got a couple of spare tickets for the lagos countdown concert so if you are interested in them, simply send me an e-mail ( I got my screen fixed yesterday, whoohoo, my laptop is looking all fresh and clean :)

Now to the koko of this post, I mentioned here that I had dinner at a wonderful restaurant over the weekend. It is a cute, cosy and quiet spot in Lekki called Petit Paris. I went there sometime in October to play the sax with Niyi for a surprise birthday dinner and I promised myself that I would go back and try out their food.

You can choose to dine indoors or outdoors but we chose to sit inside. The menu's lit up which I thought was really cool.

You know I've got a thing for Non-Alcoholic cocktails. It was my first time having a Strawberry Virgin Mojito and it was delicious, you could taste the lime and it had a nice tang to it.
Virgin Strawberry Mojito
I went with my friend from this post and he had a Chapman which was good. He wanted a Mango smoothie but they didn't have any fresh fruit so this was his alternative. The straws were made of paper, like the ones from Cocktails in 'n' out, I like :)
He wanted the peanut sauce with beef and steamed rice but they didn't have any beef so he settled for the chicken. It reminded me the Peanut sauce my Tanzanian friends used to make back in Uni and he found it delicious.
Steamed rice and Chicken Peanut sauce
Steamed Rice
The peanut sauce on the rice makes it look like Chicken Katsu Curry from Wagamama but it tasted nothing like it
If you have read my other restaurant reviews, you would know I have a thing for Seafood & Pasta. I had it at Casa Lydia, 355 and The Scarlet Lodge.
Seafood Pasta
My, oh my, it was so good
It comes with calamari, fish and prawns but I'm not a fan of calamari so I had just fish and prawns
Next time I'm having just prawns, A prawn overload is always a good idea
Now, this seafood pasta was different from any I have had before. Firstly, it wasn't made with a tomato based sauce, it was very light yet filling. The black pepper added the right amount of spice to it, it was extremely delicious!

They've got a Special Christmas Menu with turkey, cranberry and other dishes that are expected during the Christmas Period.

I loved that you could see the chef at work. he came to confirm our order too which I think is great as mistakes will be avoided. Obviously this can't happen at larger restaurants where the chef is extremely busy but it was a nice touch.
There were hints of Paris everywhere and I would definitely go there again.

I caught a picture of someone's grilled fish as it was being taken from the kitchen to his table, doesn't it look good?

As we were leaving, one of the waiter's handed us these cute green slips which give us 5% discount off our next meal, Yayyy :)

Pricewise, my pasta dish cost N3,700,
Strawberry Virgin Mojito cost N1,500
Chapman N1,000
Rice and Peanut Sauce N2,500

We left there very full, with no space for desert, I would definitely recommend it. It's got 3 tables inside and a lounge area outside with some more tables and chairs, there's a cute waterfall too and it's a perfect spot for couple bonding.


  1. The rice and peanut sauce looks good! But where's the address?!?!?

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. LOL, Berry o. The address is on the Christmas Menu card.
      It's number 27, Fola Osibo Street, off Adebayo Doherty, Lekki Phase 1. It's at the west ground floor of Wolly's mall.

  2. Nice...would love to try the peanut sauce. Definitely visiting soon :)

  3. Added to my to-visit list!
    The pasta looks yummyy