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First Things First

I'm the realest, something something something something something. I really don't know the lyrics to all these American rap songs and I'm not interested in learning but I heard a lot of them yesterday which is why this blogpost is titled so.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you should know I'm out of the country at the moment. I'm in Uganda for my cousin's wedding, all the wedding celebrations ended yesterday, today is a day of rest. It's 5pm and one of my cousin's is still sleeping, much needed rest.

It's my first time in this part of Africa, the only other African Country I've been to is Ghana and that was in 2003 so I'm really glad that my parents sent me here to represent them. I went to Seme Border in secondary school for excursion but I'm not sure that really counts as going to Benin Republic or does it?

Travelling is a really good thing, it exposes you and enlightens you too. I think one of my goals for next year will be to explore some more African Countries. I'm really struggling to come up with a list of 10 goals for next year. I wrote the one for this year so easily and I've completed about 70% of them, will do an update on the goal audit post before the year ends. I have so many posts that I want to publish before we enter 2015, I wanna start the year with a clean slate.

The reason why I'm struggling to write my goals is because I'm in a very uncertain phase of my life at the moment. Remember how I got the job after that interview. Well it was a contract job with a global management consulting firm for 6 weeks and I didn't want an extension at the end of the contract because the opportunity to act in Band Aid and pursue some other creative outlets had come up. Plus, I didn't feel like it was my natural habitat.

The New year is literally knocking at our doors and it's time for me to make to make the choice between 9-5 (which is usually at least 7-7), creative endeavours solely or a mix of both. I randomly bumped into an old friend a couple of weeks ago and he was telling me how he works as an Architect 3 days of the week and then pursues music/rapping the other days, so ideal.

I know many fields of the creative world in Nigeria lack structure, income is inconsistent and often times paid late, you might not know when the next alert would come, etc. Many people say work in the corporate world, get some experience, learn about structure, make some money, network then go follow/pursue that dream. My argument is that what if you die? what if you get sucked into the corporate world/climbing the corporate ladder? What if it's too late and that brilliant idea you had has been implemented/executed effectively? What if you lose the zeal? Questions that need answers, Decisions need to be made. Le sigh, children have it easy.

Oh, by the way, Christmas is a couple of days away, I haven't even bought any christmas presents yet or gotten into the mood of christmas. It'll probably happen when I get back to Lagos and see all the hampers and presents and christmas lights and everything.

Anyone excited about the fact that Pastor Yemi Osinbanjo is running for VP alongside Buhari. I've been privy to many politics related conversations and people think Nigeria is about the change for the better assuming the APC party win the presidential seat. What are your thoughts?

Sadly, I haven't got a voter's card as I wasn't able to register due to the crowd, slow moving queue and the fact that there was a limit of 200 people per day yet the number system that was supposed to be followed wasn't. I know many people dedicated a whole day to register but I wasn't able to. Hoping they realise that many people haven't registered and set out some more days for the process.

P.S. shout out to Chidinma, the only blog reader that sent a message asking why I hadn't blogged in over a week.


  1. Visiting other African countries is one of my goals as well. I come from Ghana/Togo and the only country I visited whilst living in Ghana was Togo. Must do better. I really want to see South Africa and Nigeria and the Ivory coast. Heck, I want to see everywhere!

    Thy Bliss Calls

    1. Oh, wow, that's a nice mix, do you speak French then? I want to see everywhere too, Africa is so diverse, there's so much to see and to do, one day sha!