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Restaurant Review: Cafe Javas

Sup peeps?

Ever heard of Cafe Javas. it's a pretty popular food chain in East Africa and I went there on my last day in Uganda.
I expected it to be similar to starbucks but it ended up being way better. I got a Caramel Milkshake which was absolutely delicious, it was definitely made with Expensive Ice cream like Ben & Jerry's/Blue Bunny, not the cheap Value range stuff.

Got Garlic Bread as the starter, it was just okay, would have liked it if the bread was toasted for longer and if there was more garlic and butter.

2 of my cousins got steak and chips, one of them got the oyster sauce and the other got some next sauce (can't remember the name). I'm not a steak fan so I didn't try it

 My other cousin got a veggie wrap. She asked for cheese in it but the chef must have forgot. She complained to the waiter after eating 70% of one wrap and he took it back and brought her two new wraps. She said they were scrumptious and she packed some to take home as she was so full

The new cheese filled Wrap
You all know how much I love my seafood, if you don't then you need to read my other restaurant reviews. They didn't have anything with prawns so I wanted to try the Jerk Chicken but the waiter recommended this Spiced Cajun Pan Tilapia Fillet so I decided to give it a shot. I chose Mexican Rice as my side.
I really enjoyed it and I couldn't even finish all the fish. I don't like peas but the peas in this rice were so tiny, I didn't mind them as much.

We had a really pleasant waiter called Kirunde and at the end of the meal my cousin told me they have free wifi. How cool is that? I was super excited when he gave me a slip with a log in ID and password to access the internet. It is for a specified period of 30 minutes but for someone like me who decided against getting a Ugandan sim, those 30 minutes were golden.

As we left the cafe I shouted I Love Cafe Javas and this guard replied saying he hated Cafe Javas, I was shocked mehn. I asked why and he said it's because they don't give him free tea. If any Cafe Java staff/manager reads this, please give them tea, the security guards are working hard, hehe.

Have any of you ever been to Cafe Javas?
Got a favourite dish?


  1. tuke you are making me
    when a foodie reviews a resturant this is exactly what happens.x

  2. eeeyah@ d guard not drinking tea...d cafe really should do sometin about it...cant be surrounded by water and not have any to drink..Haba! There was a day i went to kilimanjaro,(adeyemo alakija). At the time, they hadn't started selling rice & beans combo..i saw it,set aside in their display stand. When i asked to have that, one of the attendants told me it was their meal...she even said they get to choose what they want each day...isn't that wonderful!

    1. Lol, that's a nice expression, but it's true sha.
      Lol, those attendants are the ones enjoying free food on a daily basis but I'm sure they'll get tired of it after awhile.
      I've never tasted Kilimanjaro's food before, another place added to my list.

  3. nice..
    they didn't have any core Ugandan delicacies?

    1. Nah, they didn't have any at this restaurant but I took pictures of their delicacies. More posts on Uganda coming soon!