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2014 Goal audit

Hey Guys

How are you? Have you done an end of year review? How did you fare?
I started off my year with 10 goals, I did a review in May and now I'm doing the final year review.


Get paid to play
I got a love offering from a Church, got paid for band aid and I’ve been paid in terms of value exchange. I think I need a manager for this to be done properly.
Grade 5 theory and Grade 6 practical
This goal is being rolled over to next year. Theory must be done in March 2016 then practical in June
Blog nominated for certain awards
Yes, this happened. I was nominated for a liebster award, sisterhood award and sunflower blogger award. Nominations for the Nigerian Blog Awards, the Koko one opens on January 5th, I would like to be nominated for best new blog and best personal blog so please take note.
Hair growth
I'm taking my hair journey more seriously, haven't measured my hair yet as it is in a protective style at the moment.
However, my hair regimen has improved, I’ve been interviewed on 3 different platforms because of my hair and I collaborated with a brand, The Kinky Apothecary, to host a giveaway.
Allowee has been invested in a mutual fund
Nysc band on the map/impactful project
My article about NYSC was put up on Bella Naija and I put our videos on youtube/wrote about the band
Decide on the next phase of your life
I got a job yesterday, whoohoo, and it’s something I know I’ll enjoy. It’s a Management Trainee role so I know it will be structured and it’s in the creative field so I get the best of both worlds. Literally one of the best end of year presents ever, God answered my prayer from the first things first post J
Be in at least 2/3 stage plays
I featured in Band Aid 4 times, Expect a post on that next year.
Feature in a song
I went to the studio and I have the first draft of the song on my phone, more work shall be done on it in the new year
Draw near to God
Hmmm, not as close as I would have liked to but bad habits have been dropped and the relationship with him is growing

I might not have achieved all the goals on my list but there are other things I did achieve that I am pleased with.

I completed the Nysc program and I did it the right way. I might not have been an early bird but I only missed 3 CDS's and I didn't pay my way through. I taught 24 5/6 year old's for a year and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I learnt a lot too from the staff, parents and even the children too.
Two of my articles were featured on Bella Naija which is hands down my favorite website.
I got to travel to another part of Africa, Uganda to be precise and experience life in the Eastern Part of Africa.
I made friends, lost friends, worked for free and then got abused at the end of it. I grew, I'm growing, I'm learning a lot and trying to make an impact.
I developed make up skills
I'm a more confident driver, been to Ojuelegba, vgc, Gbagada, magodo, Opebi, Yaba and many other places
I was made a Fashion Affiliate for Kampke.com

I'm sure there are many other good things that I don't remember but I'm grateful to God for seeing the end of this year, for safe journey, for life, food, clothing and shelter
2015 is going to be an interesting year, especially with the election in February.

I mentioned my favourite posts when I put up my 100th one so you can check that out here.

Happy New Year in Advance Folks!

Thanks for reading, Thanks for Sharing, Thanks for liking and Thanks for Commenting :)

May we all see 2015 and many more years to come!



  1. Nice one Tuksy! I went through your goal audit review and from the look of things, you've made good progress from then till now welldone hun! Congrats on your new job btw..God is ever faithful..may 2015 be a greater year for you and for all of us. Amen!

    1. Yes o, Thank God, it's only by his grace and favour.
      Thanks Sophie :)
      Amen ooo!

  2. Congrats on the new job cuzzy. And well done on the goals front. Happy new year xx

  3. Really inspired reading this.. Congrats on the job.. hopefully 2015 brings even more growth.. Happy New Year... :)

    1. Thank you Anne
      Amen o, 2015 is going to be better in Jesus Name!
      Happy New Year to you too!

  4. wow.. congratulation Dear...
    you can only go higher from here.
    i think writing down the goals helped in keeping you accountable.

    1. Thank you Yeva :)
      Amen o!!
      Yeah, it definitely helped because I checked it out every so often and it gave me that kick I needed.

  5. Thank you Talikhi :)
    Happy New Year to you too!

  6. Happy new year Tuke!
    Cheers to many more achievements in 2015

  7. Too proud of you, Detuke!

    I wish you many more awesome achievements in 2015 :*

  8. OMG Detuke!!!

    I wish you multiple folds of all you want and many more good things!

    Congrats on the new job...Well deserved!!!

  9. Way to go! :-)
    Happy New Year and congrats on the new job :-)

    1. Thank you Frances :)
      Happy New Year to you too!