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Events this November!!

Hey Guys,

Happy New Month!!!!

I had my Grade 5 Music Theory exam on Saturday which is why I have been a bit Quiet on the Blog/Social Media. It went well and I'm really glad it's done, that's something else off my goals list :) Hope you're making progress with your goals!!

So there are a couple of events this Month that I think you should attend.

1) TBC Connect on the 14th of November
A meet and Greet Event with myself, Berry Dakara & Cassie Daves. I'm super glad that it has finally come together. We have loads of goodies to giveaway too :D Kindly send an email to to register as spaces are limited. Major shout out to all our wonderful sponsors :) :)

2) On the Rock Concert on the 15th of November
I had no idea there was a Rock Loving community in Nigeria but there is and I'm going to be doing the opening praise and worship at this one of a kind concert.

3) Band Aid on the 15th, 22nd and 29th of November
I acted in this play last year and it's been revised, some of the characters have been changed too. Remember Femi Leye from this post, he is acting in it :)

4) African Youth Gala on the 28th of November
This one is for you guys in Obodo Oyinbo and it's organised by one of my flat mates from Uni. Click on the link here to register and get more information about the event. Follow them on Instagram & Twitter too @AfricanYouthGala.

Hope to see you guys at some of these events :)


  1. I only just realised that TBC in the first event stands for Tuke, Berry and Cassie. I had been wandering previously what TBC meant when you promoted it on Instagram.

    I've bought my ticket for African Youth Gala :)

    1. Loool, Niceee, I'm sure it will be a FUN Event!!!

  2. Looking forward to the African Youth Gala event....

  3. Success in your exam. Nice events lined up...
    Fashion Hub With Tosyne

  4. Thank God your exams went well. Thank you for your call the other day, i do appreciate it!

    I did not know i had to register for TBC, just seeing this now and sending my email in a few minutes, hope it is not too late.

    Your weekend seems pretty booked and exciting. Share pictures and video (if you can on IG) from the Rock event. Sound super fun.

    1. Awww, you're welcome :)
      It wasn't too late to register, Yes, my weekend was packed and I shared stuff on IG!