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Restaurant Review: Jevenik, Secret Garden & Sheraton Abuja

Hey Guys,

Like I mentioned in this post, I was in Abuja for the ICAN conference at the beginning of the month. On the first Night, we had dinner at Jevenik. I have eaten at the one in Lagos once before but it was my Dad's first time there.

The setup is exactly the same as the Lagos one in terms of the chair type, wall colour, room arrangement,etc.
Our host for the Night got Fried rice, the portion was soo huge.
The rice came with many pieces of beef
I got Catfish pepper soup as I had a bit of a cold/sore throat. It was delicious and very filling.
My dad got pounded yam and Egusi
He was shocked when the food arrived but he did justice to it
The only swallow I like is Eba, I haven't even tried wheat before. What is your favourite thing to eat at Jevenik?
The Buildings even have the same feel in different states and I like the fact that there is continuity.
Now I was really craving Pasta & Prawns like the delicious one from Petit Paris. I ordered one Chinese Noodle Dish from Sheraton room service. It arrived looking like this

The Pictures don't look bad abi, it reminds me of the Singapore Noodle dish Bunmi had at Blowfish
I didn't particularly enjoy it as I was craving garlic, prawns, oregano & pepper but I got chicken & shrimp in Worcester sauce. I added some Black & white pepper which made it taste a tad bit better but it got sickening after a while.
On my last Night, I ordered from The Secret Garden which is listed on Hello Food. Choi, the Food was Terrible. Look at the Garlic Bread, it was like a Blob of butter mixed with garlic spread on Baguette slices, It wasn't toasted, there was no parsley. I only ate half of 1 and it pained me, money wasted.
I ordered the Prawns in chilli & rice, hmmm, it cost N2,500
I got curry sauce with too much oil, 4 pieces of prawns and chopped peppers & carrots
I was extremely disappointed. look at the oil na, ahnahn. I should have asked questions when they called to clarify the order.
Sigh, anyhow, the food came in normal takeaway packs
The rice was Long grain not Basmati
Abuja based readers, have you eaten at The Secret Garden before? Did you have a better experience than I did?
My next post is going to be a Simple and Easy Garlic Bread Recipe so you don't waste money ordering N700 bread and butter.


  1. Ew, too much oil! And only 4 prawns? Sorry, lol. Not funny though!
    I haven't eaten at Jevnik in Lagos but the Abuja based one was impressive. The food was always too much to eat but they were nice to pack half of it for us while we ate the other half. :) Pounded yam and Egusi was my favourite but their coconut rice wasn't bad either.
    Great reviews... looking forward to the garlic bread recipe, whoop!

    1. Thank you jare, it was soooo painful, I couldn't wait to get back home to eat food that won't disappoint.
      Yeah, their portions are always so large, It must be their selling point, people go there when they are hungry and they want food that will satisfy them. I haven't ever ordered coconut rice at a restaurant. I'll give it a shot next time I go :) yayyy, the recipe will be up on Friday!!!

  2. I had Native Soup and Pounded Yam from Jevenik a few months ago. For some reason, I was craving Native Soup like crazy for a few weeks. I quite liked it sha, but I wish they had told me the price of fish they kept bugging me to include, beforehand. I coulda skipped it and saved a teeny amount of money.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Oh nice, I've never tried Native soup before, just added that to my list. Lool, eyah

  3. Girl the catfish soup looks so good, it reminds me of a Thai dish just with a mix of seafood. The noodles also look good as well. It's too bad about the oily curry and sad garlic bread. It's quite interesting you only eat eba, I hate wheat but love pounded yam and amala.
    Princess Audu

    1. It tasted really good too! It had the perfect amount of pepper. When I was younger my mum used to mske peppersoup with crab in it.I haven't had crab or lobster in such a long time. That's another item added to my list! The garlic bread was too sad, choi, diarris God! Eba for the win o, it's interesting that you like Pounded Yam and Amala :)

  4. I love jeveniks. Their food is always filling and delicious. Beautiful review.

    1. Thank you DLeona, their food is definitely very filling!!

  5. Omg, this garlic bread is too sad!
    I've never eaten at Jevenik. It's on my to-try list.
    I hate eba but I like semo, wheat and pounded yam.

    Nigerian and Natural

    1. Loool, it was very sad Mehn!
      woww, you're the opposite of me!

  6. I've eaten at Jevenik here in Abuja as they have maybe two branches, I've eaten at both.
    The one at Old Wuse market road (forgotten the name now), I was served spoilt meat so I told the manager and he rectified it, nice but the rice was overly cooked.
    The one at Wuse 2, I had plantain and eggs while my friend had peppersoup, it was nice but we had to wait a whiillleee before we got attended to so I lost my appetite.
    Overall their service and food is just fair in my opinion.
    LOL sorry about your prawns in chilli sauce, that's horrible, kai.

    1. Oh wow, Spoilt meat ?!?!? Hmmm, that's not good!
      oh, maybe it was a day that the hall was full. One of my friend's was telling me that the seats upstairs are VIP so you get faster service for an additional charge of N500. I don't know how true that is though.
      Lool, it was really horrible o, Thank you!!