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Weekend Gist & Tuke's Trips: Sheraton Hotel, Abuja

Hey Guys :)

Happy Monday!

Hope you had a Great Weekend. Mine was busy, it was Saxophone filled. The whole of last week was Sax filled tbh. I played with the Jazz Band at Muson on Thursday after attending a Jazz Master class for most of last week. It was actually featured on BBC, I never expected it, I saw the BBC guy interviewing people but I didn't think much of it, listen to the interviews and some of the music here. Can you spot me in the picture below?  I put up a cover of Adele's Someone like you that was recorded during one of our lunch breaks, Check it out here.

I played at someone's 40th Birthday in VI on Saturday evening. Rehearsed on Saturday Morning with my Band :) and I got interviewed for A woman's worth on TVC. It's going to be showing on
Monday from 5:30am-6:00am & 11:30am - 12:00pm,
Tuesday  8:30am - 9:00am & 1:30am - 2:00am
Wednesday 3:30pm - 4:00pm
Thursday 12:30pm - 1:00pm
Friday 8:30am - 9:00am
Saturday 7:30am - 8:00 am & 10:30pm-11:00pm

Remember this post where I got interviewed by Ebony Life TV, well it's going to be showing on EL now at 6:30pm on Friday the 18th and over the weekend too. The Ted talk I'm playing at, TedX Gbagada, is this Saturday, the 19th. I've got a Busy Sax filled week ahead, kindly let me know if you spot me on TV, you can tag me on Instagram or Twitter or say hi at TedX and we'll take a selfie :D

I've been learning many lessons in this my Creative Entrepreneur Journey o! Check out the playlist of the first 5 vlogs I put up. The series will continue next week and I'll catch up on all the ones I've missed.

So, I've got a Backlog of Abuja related posts for you. The first one I put up was the Creative Collaboration with Grace & Sarah. This one is a Review of the hotel we stayed at, the Sheraton. Like I mentioned in this post I haven't really been to hotels or resorts in Nigeria. The 2 times I had been to Abuja, I stayed with my friend, Jemma and I blogged about my experiences here, here, here and here.

This time around, I travelled with my Dad and we used Med View Airline, it was a very stress free experience unlike that time I flew Aero, read about that horrendous experience here.

 Now, I was pretty impressed when I walked into Sheraton,
 We were there for the ICAN Conference and there were sooooo many accountants in attendance.
The Ladi Kwali Conference Centre was where the registration took place and during peak times the queue was Super Long!
 The gardens and fountains were pretty and well maintained.
 I Love this creative adaptation of the Nigerian Flag.
Pretty Garden, it'll be a great location for a Pre-Wedding shoot. I hung out with an Abuja Based photographer on my last day and we had so much fun gisting. If you are in Abuja and you need a Photographer, holla at Somto/Imagio Photography and tell him Na Tuke send me come o, hehe :)
 We spent some time in the lobby before we got our room keys, the registration process took a while
 I ordered a Platter and I was pretty disappointed when it arrived.
 I think they should change the name to Nigerian Plate.
 It was supposed to come with Peppered Chicken, Spring roll, BBQ Chicken Wings & Beef Kebab/Beef Suya
 I asked them to replace the Beef Kebab/Suya with Samosa and was shocked when I received this platter.
 They didn't have Spring rolls available which is why I got 2 Samosas
 I got given plain wings instead of BBQ wings and when I complained the manager on duty said they will bring me BBQ wings from another kitchen or give me a whole Club Sandwich instead.
 I chose the Club Sandwich because it was going to take a shorter time to be ready.
 It was a nicely sized portion and the chips was made out of real potato that they cut, not frozen fries.
The Sandwich was okay but it was made out of Brown Bread, not white which I prefer. Anyways, kudos to the manager for making sure I left there satisfied and for turning an unhappy customer into a Happy one. I gisted with him one night while listening to the live music, a singer who played the keyboard, Beautiful, Sweet, Music.
 On the first day, I had this for Breakfast. Interesting combination abi?
I wish they had Waffles or Pancakes or Bacon or Ham like at Zenababs. I'm not a fan of Yam or Baked Beans or Eggs or Oats or Moin-Moin so even though there were options, I didn't really fancy them. 
 The Croissant wasn't the freshest. When I was in Uni, I used to Love the Croissants from Lidl, they were made Fresh every day. Choi, that's one thing I miss about Nottingham!
 The mini Cakes on the left of the Dodo was really delicious though!
 I sat outside to eat, the ambience in the Papillon is very nice :)
 I love the trees, the colours and the Water too (I didn't take a picture of it though)
 This is what my dad had for Breakfast on the second day, the rectangular shaped thing is Moin-Moin
 I had Bread & Chicken Stew for my first round
 Then Dodo and Chicken Stew for my Second Round
For Dinner the Night before, I had Jollof Rice and Barracuda stew which was Yummy. The stew is made from the same base like the BBQ sauce at BBQ & Cravings. I know this because I went to BBQ & Cravings on Friday and I had wings, BBQ chicken & Turkey Gizzard (not me alone o, shared the food with my Best Friend)
There are many restaurants at the Sheraton, like Obudu Grill, but I only ate at the Papillon because that was what came with the ICAN package. I had room service though and ate at some other restaurants in Abuja. The lowdown on those restaurants will be in my next post :)
Have any of you stayed at Sheraton Abuja or Sheraton Lagos? How was your experience? 

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  1. Well damn!
    Quick question.

    You get so many sax gigs (based on what I've seen on your blog and Instagram)

    Do you chase them up or do they reach out to you based on the work you've put out before?

    1. Loool, I don't think I've even started getting gigs, like the journey has just begun. Most of them are referrals, or people who have seen me play somewhere before, na God!

  2. oh nice, the food pics are ...... oh well!!


  3. Sheraton looks so lovely! I have to check it out the next time I'm in Abuja.
    And I'll definitely try and catch you on TV this week, hehe. Well done girl! Xx

    1. You really should! I feel like I didn't even take enough pictures of the place. Yayyy, Thanks Girlfriend :)

  4. Funny enuf, I was at sheraton Abuja this Friday to perform at a show. Since it was night, I didn't get to see the view you captured in your picture. And I was in my work mode and all.

    Disobedience temporarily disfigured my face

    1. Awww, eyah. Next time you're there, look out for it, take a walk to the pool side and courts too, they have a nice playground and loads of palm trees!

  5. Lady, you should invite us for the open events, e.g. the Muson thingy.

    Meanwhile, that platter looks sad :(

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Loool, it was quite sad.
      I wanted to o but my phone don crase, it's soo frustrating, sigh, hopefully i'll be able to replace it with one that functions properly this week.

  6. love u bit piece, the good Lord is ur muscles