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Abuja Chronicles I

Hi Guys

So I’m going to Abuja pretty soon and I’m really excited to go to my Nation’s capital. I’ve only been there once and that was to register for NYSC in August 2013. I was there for 2 days and I had an amazing time. I stayed with Jemma, who was my coursemate in Uni and her family was so hospitable. I loved every minute of it and wish I stayed there for longer to be honest.

I’m from Osun state but I’ve never been there, Bad Behaviour right? I really want to go even though I have no family there and my dad has only been there once. I haven’t really travelled around Nigeria and it’s a big shame. I’ve been to 19 cities in the UK but only 4 states in Nigeria, can you imagine?! I’ve been to Ibadan (Oyo state) once for a wedding, Olumo rock in Ogun state for excursion, Idanre Hills in Ondo State for excursion and I go to Redeemed Camp on the Lagos Ibadan Expressway at least twice a year.

You see why I was so excited to go to Abuja. At that point in time I was an IJGB (I Just Got Back). From the pictures my skin was looking so fresh and smooth. Now the sun has had its cool fun and darkened me. Anyways I went to Abuja with my camera in tow and took a lot of pictures.

The first thing I noticed when I got to Abuja was that there was a lot of  land and many natural rocks. It wasn't as noisy as Lagos and the traffic wasn't as bad too.

Oh, yeah, let me warn you, the following pictures have the date and time imprinted on them. My friend, Linguini, who took pictures on my 22nd birthday and the Ankara inspired shoot, thinks the date/time stamp spoils the beauty of the picture and I kinda agree now. Oh, well, it's a little too late to change that.

Tourism Abuja Rock
People live in those houses on top of the rocks o!
Abuja National Mosque
There were a lot more mosques here than in Lagos.
Hilton Hotel Abuja
With Ewi, one of my Nottingham Girls, her dimple looks so cute.
With Jemsco, my lovely host, at Food City.
So Jemma was actually my first Abuja friend and most of the people I know in Abuja are Nottingham folk apart from people in Law School in Bwari. I didn't have time to go there.
On my first evening in Abuja, we went to a local point and kill joint. It was my first time eating cat fish and it was delicious. Some people ate Nkwobi but I didn't join them.

Edible Tongue in Traditional Nigerian Dish Nkwobi
Animal Tongue
Geeky Glasses on Bearded Black Boy
Ayo the coolest. He was in charge of Radical Acts (the drama unit of my youth group) when I was in first year
Black Boy with Glasses Beard and Hat Sideview
He's really talented and he works for the BBC and he is a fashionista
Black Man Chanel Glasses
Even though he studied Engineering, he's following his passion and working in a field totally different from his degree.
I don't know why he is looking so serious in this picture o!
Jemma's smile is so wide
Winston and my Nottingham Egbon, she was done with uni when I was still doing A-Levels
Winston is hilarious, he was in third year when I was in 1st year and he owns a Chinese restaurant in Bwari, chowsticks.
I wonder why he is squinting
If you hadn't realised by now, this is a picture heavy post. I really don't like deleting pictures, might make this an Abuja series, so a post on each day.
Ifeanyi is the guy in the Everlast T-shirt. He was the Radical Youth President when I was in 1st year and is one of the tightest/baddest drummers I know
This joint kinda reminds me of Mammy Market
Spicy Catfish
The catfish was sooo delicious
Check back tomorrow to read about my second day in Abuja :)


  1. Nice post. I've never been to Abuja myself and like you, I've only been to 4 states in Nigeria as well :(
    I'm not keen on going around Nigeria right now though. An African tour sounds more appealing right now.

    1. Yeah, the state of things in the country at the mo isn't the best but I would totally love to go on an African tour too 😊 Benin Republic, Cameroon, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Ghana are on my list!!