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We Made Ice-Cream!!

Hey Guys!!

So it's confession time *drumroll please*...

I have a sweet tooth, always have, always will.

I'm only 22 and I have 4 fillings. It's not something to be proud of but it is what it is. I've always loved sweets and I'm not sure that's going to change anytime soon. I remember one time in Secondary School, I said I wanted to own a chocolate factory like the one in Willy Wonka. Only God knows what life has in store for me, I might own one someday.

This post was just to talk about ice cream o but I write as the fingers move, hehe. My favourite candy in the whole wide world is Sour Skittles, not the crazy sours type you get in the UK but the American one with the sour coating/powder over it, YUMMY!!
I remember one day when I was in my first year of A-levels, I was about to leave the Lower Sixth house when I sensed a delicious smell wafting in the atmosphere. I had to pause and investigate the source of this goodness. Lo and behold, someone was baking Chocolate Chip Cookies, the Betty Crocker mix.
That day marks the beginning of my exploits in cake and pastry mixes. At uni, I usually had a brownie mix in my cupboard, the one from Tesco was sooo cheap, less than a pound. I tried out scone mix, cake mix, fajita kits, jelly, lasagne kits and loads of other random stuff. I even made cake in a cup in my first year of uni, you put all the ingredients in a mug and then put it in the microwave. It was actually pretty delicious even though it looks kinda gross. (Cheap, fast, affordable, homemade goodies).

I haven't really made anything since I moved back so when I came across this Ice cream mix at Shoprite in Surulere I grabbed my hands at it. I'm a Vanilla girl because Chocolate can sometimes be too chocolately and I don't like Strawberry bits or any fruit bits in my food or drink. You can never really go wrong or screw up Vanilla. The Carte Dor one is my favourite with Waffles from Lidl, Choi, heaven on a plate.
So to the crux of the matter, the instructions were as follows:
  1. Blend in a deep narrow bowl 200ml of cold milk and satchet of Domo ice cream in powder. (I used Dano milk and don't have a measuring cup so just eyeballed it)
  2. Beat at High speed with mixer for about 4 minutes (I haven't got a mixer so just used a spoon until it was Smooth)
  3. Store it in refrigerator for 4 hours before serving (I have a 6 year old brother who has a lot of gra gra so he brought it out after about 2 hours, it tasted pretty yum)

  • The final product was pretty yellow, like a banana flavoured product should be. 
  • My 6 year old brother said it looks like Custard
  • My fellow Saxophonist, Niyi, said it tastes like custard at first but the after taste is like ice-cream
  • My friend, Tito, who is also a photographer said it has a caramel sweetness to it.
  • I thought it was ok, not my ideal vanilla, a bit too sweet. 
Would I buy it again?

Definitely, at only N189 a pack it's pretty affordable

I bought the Chocolate and Strawberry flavours so I can do a flavour comparison. They had Cake mixes to but I wasn't really interested.

Let me know what you think if you've tried it out or any other ice cream mix in Nigeria.



  1. I've tried cake and puff puff mixes = ultimate fail.
    Ice cream mix, not yet.

    I really like you blog btw. :)

    1. Loool, really?! I tried a puff puff mix sometime last year and it was actually pretty yummy!

      Awww, Thank you Yeva :) :D