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Blog Tag: Being me!!

Hey Guys!!

I got tagged in my very first blog tag, Yayyy me!! Thanks Mide, it's really exciting that my blog is getting noticed and it's nice to know that people enjoy reading what I have to say.

So, basically there are 20 questions which I have to answer and I get to tag 8 people who then tag 8 people and on and on it goes. It's a really good way to discover other blogs and it's great publicity too :) 

The questions are as follows:

Are you named after someone? :
Well, my full name is Adetuke and it means Crown is worth being taken care of/Nurtured/Pampered. It’s a pretty unusual name, the more common form is TOKE but I’m from Ilesa and they say Tuke. I only know 2 other people who have my name, my niece and an Aunty in my family. So, back to the question, am I named after somebody…not really, but the name sorta runs in the family.

When was the last time you cried? :
Last week Sunday, during Worship, it was pretty deep/intense/overwhelming. I haven’t really spoken about Religion/Christianity on the blog and I’m not ready to yet.

Do you have any children? :
Not children that have come out of my tummy, but I call my class kids my children J

If you were another person would you be a friend of yourself? :
Yes ke, I’m attracted to Talent, Oshey!!

Do you have any guilty pleasures? :
Hmm, if you read this post, you would know I have a Sweet tooth, Sour Skittles, Eba and  Seafood Okra, Slushie Ribena, Spearmint gum (Orbit Preferably), Chocolate Royale and Ice cream Factory Ice-cream, Aunty Anne’s Cinamon Sugar/Vanilla flavoured Pretzels, Chapman, SMALL CHOPS (I actually wrote out a Small Chops hierarchy, might post in on the blog one day) Can you tell I love Junk Food!!!

Do you like handwriting? :
Yes and I like doodling too

What’s your favourite cereal? :
Milo cereal (my little brother calls it Soccer Ball cocops), Cinamon crunch and cookie crisp. I don’t like milk in my cereal though, I just munch it dry, like a snack

What’s the first thing you notice about people? :
Their teeth, smile and general appearance

What’s the colour of your eyes? :
Dark Brown

Scary movies or happy endings? :
Happy Endings for the win!

Favourite TV show? :
Gidi Up!!  
(Blogpost about it coming soon)

Winter or summer? :

Hugs or kisses? :

Special talent?
Playing the Sax

Where were you born? :
First Consultant, Obalende, Lagos, Nigeria. You hear my surname Morgan and you’ll think OmoLondon, atall o, Omo Eko ni mi, I'm a Lagos Chick!

Reading Novels and Blogs, Playing Tennis, Playing the Sax, Writing, etc

Do you have any pets? :
Not anymore, but I once had 17 Dalmatians in my house at a go, (14 were puppies though). We were even featured on the KKB show because of them. My sister was allergic so they had to go, very sad times, I still miss them sometimes though, Beauty, Bruno and Two-Tone helped my sister and I get over our fear of dogs
Favourite movie(s) ?
I watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 days last week and I really enjoyed it

What colour is your car?
(it doesn't belong to me personally, I don’t put fuel in it or anything but it’s the only car they let me drive in my house)

What do you want to do when you grow up?
I really don’t know and it’’s kinda odd cuz I’m 22. I’m supposed to have my life all figured out, that's  not the case atall. I know what I don’t want to do though and a good work/life balance is very important to me

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  1. I used to watch the KKB show, i saw an old episode recently and i sang the whole opening song. great show

    1. Lool, really, it was started by a teacher at my primary school after I left. There are a few episodes on youtube (link below) but I'm not in any of those ones. My sister is in the opening song tho, the girl in Lilac at 1:23 and 1:26, Thank God for growth sha, hehehe. The rap was my favourite part of it tbh!

  2. How To Loose A Guy In 10 Days? Are you gaming me? Dry girl alert!!! Rotfl. Great tagging. Was going to think you weird with all that spotted-I'm in a Disney movie-animals around then you said you don't do milk with tour cereal ...def weird. Lol. Always enjoy your posts I read.

    1. LOL! I don't really watch movies and I always forget what they are about so the most recent one came to mind. Looool, I Love my Dalmatians joo, yeah, I am kinda weird to be honest but there's a little weird in everyone I think. Thanks for all your comments, I Love them!!

  3. KKB show are u for real? You were even a star then kai I'm jealous oh

  4. That picture you shared with the dogs are super adorable. Haha at Lagos chick, Omo Eko ni mi :)). . Ahh me too cinnamon pretzels anyone ( raises hand up) , small chops too..
    I know that feeling, but eh you don't have to have it all figured out, that's why it's a journey, and we can only trust that's God has mapped our future out

    I look forward to reading more from you Missy, so I just followed
    Thank you for the warm comment on my blog, it moved me :)

    1. Hehe, Thank you!! Yes o, Omo Eko toh sure!!
      Cinamon pretzels and Small chops for the win!!!
      Awww, i'm glad it did, I've followed you back :)
      This journey of life mehn,yeah, I'm sure he's mapped it all out but it'll be nice to get a sneak peek at this map just to know if you're heading in the right direction. Oh, well, time will tell, praying for the best :)

  5. 17 Dalmatians. Whaat?! That's amazing...
    Did your family name each one?

    1. Loool, my house was known as the one with the black and white dogs. We didn't name any of the puppies, just the 3 dogs: Beauty, Bruno and Two-Tone

  6. oh wow..
    17 dogs ke!!!
    we most def would not have been friends.

  7. After reading this blogpost I started watching Gidi Up. I love web series and this one is great! Good looking out cuz x

  8. love your blog/this post detuke! I can so relate to the whole career thing about being unsure but knowing what you don't want to do. At least that's a start lol. It looks like you have so much fun in Lagos btw. I need to learn from you lol

    1. Awwww, Thanks Simi :) Yeah, it's a start, some things have been crossed off the list! Lool, there are many under G fun places to go/things to do, just send me a message when you're bored... hehe :D

  9. dalmatians! i ADORE dalmatians! gosh! and did u say sea food okro? i had pounded yam and sea food okro 2 weeks ago at yellow chilli and it was glorious lol. even put it on instagram.
    really enjoyed reading your post!

    1. I adore them too and I haven't seen one in such a long time. I miss having dogs!!
      I need to go back to yellow chili mehn!
      What's your Instagram handle? Lemme look at the seafoody goodness :)
      Awww, Thanks Fola :D