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Have you heard of Jiji

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Jiji.ng just released a New app

Amongst the numerous services, online shops and websites, it is sometimes difficult to find the one you can trust. In case you don’t know which one you should use for making purchases, check out Jiji.ng. It isn't just reliable but it offers a wide range of various goods and items with categories ranging from Electronics to Home & Garden to Fashion & Beauty, Vehicles, even Jobs are advertised there.
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It is used by people all over the country and only real people post their adverts there. A new offer appears every five minutes.
          D:\WORK\Даша тексти\Jiji.APP\pics - 4\5.png Jiji has designed this special app so you can purchase goods in a quick and comfortable way. So if you had to switch on your computer to search for something in the past, now you don’t. Even when your laptop isn’t with you, you can explore all the advantages of the best Nigerian classified website with the wonderful app it has designed specially for you. It is really convenient and easy to use.
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The interface was designed with you in mind. Just download it, and you’ll see that there’s no need to explain how to use it in detail.
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You can reply to an ad easily and there’s a unique feature which allows you contact the seller. If you don’t like procrastinating or don’t feel like waiting for the seller to get in touch with you, simply click on Show Contacts to get the number of the seller and you can call him/her to talk everything over.
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Have you used Jiji before?
Download the app now and let me know what you think!!!
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