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Weekend Gist: Friends, Fun & the Cassie Daves Blog Planner

Hey Guys,

Happy Monday :)

I had such a Great weekend and I'm really excited for the rest of the year.

Happy New Month too! I hope you get showered with love this month and if no one showers you with love then shower yourself jare.

On Thursday I felt the urge to play Sax so I went to Bogobiri after work and played at Open Mic Night for the first time. It was really nice, the crowd was live and I interacted and danced with an amazing singer while I was playing the Sax.

On Friday after work I went to Sao Cafe for an art exhibition that was curated by 2 creatives at my office. The turnout was great, music was live, Femi Leye killed it as usual.

I saw loads of people I know and many of them asked if I was going to play, I didn't sha but maybe next time. I really love the ambience and vibe of the cafe, there's nothing like hanging out with young creatives who have a similar mindset.

My Friend, Ify, from this post stopped by and so did Inikpi, from this post.

My Oga was there, he got the chicken and it was sooooo good!

Poe of Show Dem Camp sang to Inikpi but my camera was in the car at the point, Sucks!

I went to Churrasco's after for my friend's birthday dinner.

Her name is Detola and the last time I mentioned her on the blog was in this post.

I shot 3 looks over the weekend and put a Sneak Peek of one of them on Instagram last night :) Check it out here. This was my first time shooting multiple outfits at a go for the blog. All of you that have been asking for style posts. They are back, Hurrayyyyy :)
Last month was a really good month for the blog, I haven't written sooo many posts since January 2015. Last month got the highest number of monthly views too.

I got my Cassie Daves Blog Planner last week and it's already making me more organised.

It came in the cutest yellow wrapping paper

with a really sweet Thank You Card.

I love the fact that the words "Produced by Cassie Daves" are at the back of it.
My quote should have been in there but the printer wasn't able to make the changes on time so all the new orders will have my quote in it.

If you want to take your blogging to the next level or you are a Newbie blogger who isn't sure how to run a blog, invest in this journal.
A word is enough for the wise :)
How was your weekend? Are you excited for Valentine's day?

P.S. There's a Valentine's Day Giveaway coming up so make sure you subscribe to the blog here so you don't miss it! Someone is going to win dinner for 2 at one of my favourite restaurants in Lagos.

P.S.S. My Blog is 2 next week and I'm giving away 3 different outfit items to commemorate that feat. Don't miss out on it, Subscribeeeee!


  1. Yay to the planner! Unfortunately, since I already got mine, it means I won't see your quote. Care to share?

    Your photos are always so crisp!

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Awww mehn, Thank you!
      The only one I edited is the one with me in the Striped Shirt :)
      Glad my photography skills are improving!

  2. Yaay. Thank you! I'm really glad you like it. Oh and not the new orders - the next year's one -_-

    Hay I love that your sneak peek outfit picture there - I've been looking for photographer to help me out *sigh*


    1. Choi, Thumbs down -____-
      Thank you :)
      Ask anyone around to help you, the housegirl helped me take them but I edited them in lightroom!

  3. I like that blog planner and the cute attempt at a Sax drawing.

    Your hair looks so untamed! I like it! Since mine has grown longer, I just wrap her up mehn, styling leaves me so overwhelmed.

    OMG i love your lipstick especially the contrast it has on the white blouse. Nice. That pose in the yellow top, very bad a##. LOL

    Mehn the way you kept hammering subscribe subscibe eh I had to do a double check that i had. hahaha

    YAAAAAAY! To giveaways. IT is my birthday on the 16th. *looks to the sky* Smile on me!

    Well done beautiful.

    1. So do I, the Sax drawing is really cute!

      Hehehe, Thank you :)
      It was in a puff beforehand but I wanted it to be free to add more character to the pictures.
      Thanks Hun, its the LA Girl Matte Lip gloss in Rebel, I reviewed it in this post: http://www.tukesquest.com/2015/07/la-girls-matte-pigment-gloss-review-on.html?m=1#more
      Lool, I must have been feeling like a gangsta when that picture was taken.

      Hehehe, Noted!!!

      Happy Birthday in Advance :)

  4. So much fun in Naija..love the hair btw xxx

    Cassie where is my own planner oooo?

  5. The picture after Detola's last picture is the coolest pose you've ever had.Like,I am totally in love with it. *No homo* . The blog planner is a nice initiative but I am even too lazy and busy to start a blog at this point in my life. I would start one after my final law exam.

    1. Oh Wow! Thank you :D
      Sooo many people loved it on Instagram too, didn't expect all the comments :)
      Awww, Good Luck with your final law exam, I hear that Law School no be beans.

    2. Thanks. I also heard that too from my colleagues. By November when I go to Abuja law school, hopefully and by God's infinite mercy, I would overcome.

  6. Yay.. for the new month too.. wish I could get the planner. Love the edited photo, looking forward to the outfit posts i've missed them!

    1. :) :)
      Maybe you can get Jemma to order you one and send it to Canada.
      The outfit posts are coming!!

  7. so you perform the day day I decided not to go to Bogobiri.. :(
    Your picture quality is soo good!!!

    1. Awww mehn, that sucks!
      Thank you o, most of them are unedited sef :)