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Restaurant Review: Spice Bowl Lagos

Hey Guys,

Two Days left till Valentine's Day!!!

Still not sure where to eat, check out this post for the places I recommend.

So I went to spice bowl on December 24th, same day I watched Fifty the movie. If you read this post, you would know my laptop got spoilt that day and I had to go to Saka Tinubu to fix it.

It pained me o, so many things went wrong that day. I went to the ATM to get 10k and it gave me N8,200 (2 of the N1,000 notes came out as N100). It was a public holiday so I couldn't even go inside to complain. We stopped by at Domino's and my order wasn't ready on time so I left angry and hungry as I didn't want to miss any moment in the movie.We got to silverbird and realised I had gotten the movie timing wrong, we had 3 hours to kill so went to Spicebowl to eat.

Guess it was all a part of God's plan, he allowed the domino's staff screw up my order so I won't miss out on Spicebowl. He let me mix up the movie times so we would go to palms, watch the movie there, I will enter the raffle draw and win a TV :)
So these TV Screens at Spicebowl are such a great idea, the picture quality is amazing so you get tempted when you look at it.

If you know anyone that is looking for a Food Photographer, better refer them to me o!

Our waiter was a really pleasant guy who kept on smiling :)
I Love the fact that we got the Hot Towel.

I even took a picture of another table's waitress as she was really polite and smiley too
We got complimentary bread rolls which my friend devoured, I'm a Bread Snob, I only like Bread from certain places like Audrey's, 1415 and Casper & Gambini's
My friend got the Spicy Wings and it cost N1,000.
Choi, these wings were sooooooo good.
That spicy concoction on the top was Ah-Ma-Zing!

 Looking at this picture has got me craving it sooo badly, I'm going to go by there one Lunchtime just for it.
I got the Prawn and Oyster Sauce and it cost N1,800
It was the most expensive item we ordered that day and it's pretty affordable for Great Chinese, innit?
I'm not a huge veggie fan but they cut their veggies fresh each day, like they cook everything from scratch.
I'm not really a fan of the mini corn cobs so next time I would ask what vegetables the sauce comes with and ask them to replace it with Red Peppers.
I would ask for no Mushrooms too.
I got the Mandarin rice and it cost N1,400
It had shrimp and chicken and egg in it.
The portions are pretty large so my friend and I shared it and we were soooo full!
We got water to drink because we planned to have Ice-Cream later on.
Isn't this such an affordable date idea? 4,500 and both parties are satisfied.

Spice Bowl is an Afro-Asian restaurant so they have Nigerian food as well as food from the grill :) Have any of you been there before? Will you go there after reading this post? If you do go there let me know what you got and how it tasted. They have a branch on Chevron Drive and one opposite Silverbird Galleria in VI.


  1. How I wish I stay in lagos Tuke this chicken look so inviting...I love chicken so much

    1. Awww, when next you're in Lagos you should check it out. Where are you based?

    2. Nice, if I ever come there I will holla at you!

  2. What??? I love mushrooms!!!! yes! your food photography is bae

  3. What do you use to take your food pics?

  4. I also went to Spice bowl the day le hubs and I went to see Fifty.Their food is very nice and even nicer to the I had it a second time when Mr brought it home for me... Meanwhile my comment on the Giveaway winner announcement isn't showing ooo, what happened?

    1. Awww, nice :)
      Great minds think alike ayyy!
      The food and price is just Great!
      I don't know what happened to your original one but the second one is there.

  5. We've gone to the one on Chevron Drive before, and I remember liking it.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  6. Hmm not bad. Very affordable too and looks yummy. You and prawn sha

    1. Loool, it's really affordable for good chinese. My love for prawn na serious something o!!