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Restaurant Review: Casper and Gambini's Lagos

Hi Guy!

Hope your week is going well!

One thing I've learned this week is that editing pictures when hungry is not a good idea. Anyways, remember how I mentioned that the Memkoh Meetup was at Casper and Gambini's, this is my review of it.

I got there at the nick of time as the Creative Cool kids were about to dig into their dishes.

The first dish I took pictures of  was the Suya Mixed Grill.

It cost N3,000 and came with 2 sticks of beef suya, 2 sticks of chicken suya, chips and coleslaw.

I tasted the beef one and it was interesting, I didn't love it, it had hints of nutmeg in it. The people who got this said the chicken suya tasted way better than the beef one sha.
This dish is called Chicken Under a Brick and it cost N4,700. I didn't try the potatoes but the Chicken was well seasoned, it tasted really really good.
Memkoh got the Casper's Chicken Escalope and it came with Mash Potatoes.
I'm not a fan of mashed potatoes but she said it was well done. I tried the chicken and preferred the chicken from Chicken Under a  Brick.
Folu got the Beef Tenderloin and it cost N7,500.
It wasn't cheap but they cooked it right. She wanted it Medium rare and that's what she got.
I got the Lemonade and it was so sharp it became bitter. They didn't have Pink Lemonade on the menu so I asked one of the Mixologists to add raspberries to the regular lemonade. It cost N1,000. There was an Oreo filled drink which cost N1,400. I sort of wish I got that.
Yetunde got an Alcoholic Cocktail called an Electronic Lemonade. She didn't like it and it was the last drink standing on our table. She ended up having to order Henny and Coke (Pepsi) to quench her thirst.
They give each table a complimentary basket of bread before the main food arrives. The soft roll was delicious.

They have a bakery there too but I didn't ask about prices, Sorry!
Folu got a portion of chips, they didn't taste like Frozen Fries so Thumbs up to them.
I bumped into my cousin and her friends there and took pictures of their dishes as their table was right next to mine. They all got freshly pressed juices, this one is apple and my cousin got the Carrot Ginger. I took this picture so you can see that drinks come in different glass sizes and so you can order what you think is value for money.
My cousin, Anjola got the Prawn Suya and it looked soooooo good.
It cost N5,000 and I wish I tried it.
Joan got the Chicken Pesto Pizza which cost N4,900.
Her face might look familiar and that's because she came for TBC Connect.
Her Sister, Belinda, is a blogger at Diary of a Fashion Enthusiast.
This is my cousin Anjola, she said I've never put her on my blog, hope you're happy now o! Aren't her glasses the coolest.
My cousin's friend, Gbenga got the Prawn and Couscous.
It cost N5,200 and is under the Salad section of the menu. The last time I had Couscous was in Secondary School, they used to give it to us with Curry sauce and it tasted nice.
My meal took a whiiiiile to turn up. My cousin ordered after I did but she got her meal before I did, Sad.
I got the Chicken Quesadilla and it cost N3,700.
I haven't had Mexican food since that time I went to Bottles, if you haven't read about my experience there, you should definitely read it here.
My Quesadilla was DE-LI-CIOUS and I'm sooooo glad I got it.
I'm not a huge fan of cheese so I should have probably told them to go light on the cheese. I enjoyed it regardless.
I saw a picture of the Quesadilla on Omnonlagos's Instagram page and so it was top of mind when I was deciding what to order.
I know I usually order Rice or Pasta as is evident with most of my Restaurant Review posts. I'm glad I tried something different.
I love the Ambience at Casper and Gambini's
It's really spacious, the brick wall looks cool and the wooden wall too.
I saw quite a lot of people I know and they all had good things to say about their experience.
I  like the fact that they gave us hand gel/sanitizer at the end of the meal
It's a big claim to say that Lagos just got tastier but I'm pleased that international brands are coming to set up franchises in Lagos. 
Have any of you eaten at Casper and Gambini's yet? What did you have? What did you think of it?


  1. Belinda's sister is so prettyy!!
    Everything looks good but chai my prayer for this year is that I won't be saying that restaurant is too costly again. :')

    1. hahaha @Cassie . Amen sister that prayer is resonated.

    2. Thank you Cassie! And Amen to that too.
      Thanks for the tag Tuke

  2. Every looks very tasty.... I totally love your photography

  3. Very interesting post. Engaging too. I kinda like the one line you leave after each photo, and thank you for stating the prices too! Very helpful. I always say your site is my stop whenever my friends or I want to eat out. Good good job Tuky Tuks. (still getting used to it)

    1. Thanks Chioma, I like it too :)
      You're welcome!!!
      Lool, you don't have to get it used to it, I was in a playful mood when I wrote that newsletter ;)

  4. Food looks amazing, need to teach me how to edit pictures:)

  5. Foooooooddddd *As a glorified foodie*

  6. So just my left hand made an appearance? Really? I'm so mad lol

    Great review though

    1. Sorry Gbenga!
      Your shirt and bracelet showed too :)
      Next time we see I'll take a correct picture of your face :D

  7. Tuke, THANK YOU! I cannot begin to describe how much these pictures brought back memories of my meetup and all the chit chat we had as each dish came out. Thank you for coming too and all your honest contributions. :)

    1. You're welcome Memkoh!
      Thanks for organising such a Fun Event!

  8. The food looks good, and I'm keen to try (or recreate) the Prawns and Couscous dish. I'd like know what's in it, so that I can attempt it myself. It dawned on me one day when I went to buy a Couscous salad for N1500, that a jar of couscous isn't that expensive, and it takes 5 minutes to make - and then put your additions (nuts, meats, raisins, whatever you want).

    Anyways, nice photos and I definitely feel you on not editing food photos when you're hungry!

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. I'm not sure what was in it as I didn't try it but I'm sure the menu has the description of the dish.
      I'm going to buy couscous and try and make it real soon, didn't know it only took 5 minutes.
      Thank you :)

  9. Everything looks so good!!! You guys sure had fun..

  10. All looks lovely, but a tad on the smallish size. Cant imagine a man going there to eat and being satisfied but for us ladies, a good sized meal lol.
    looks delish.

    1. I didn't notice it being small but the salad bowl was pretty big.
      The servings of gourment food is usually small sha but I guess it depends on how hungry the person is.

  11. I need to try this place out. food looks yummy. Great review as always

    1. Thanks Unoma!
      Let me know what you think of it when you go!