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Restaurant Review: Ginger Tapas and Grill Lagos

Hey Guys

So I finally had a meal at Ginger tapas on the 17th of December. I had dinner with my friend, Dara, from Nottingham. It was great catching up.

Now, I had been to Ginger Tapas twice before, once to drop my Canadian cousin's from this post for a party and the second time to watch my producer's band but I ended up playing the Sax :) There's a link to that post here and some videos in it too.

So, at first we sat down outside then they moved us inside so the band could set up.

It was a bit chilly so they turned off the AC as we were the only ones in there. Here's a link to a picture of the interior setup.

Paint the Night was happening there too, remember when I painted a face in the map of Africa at the She Hive.  They organised it. Follow them @ptnafrica to stay updated.
So I got a Chapman which had tinges of ginger in it
Dara got a mocktail too but I've forgotten the name, Sorry
She got the Grilled Fish which cost N2,500.
It not only looked good but it tasted good too.
I took a lot of pictures of it because it was visually appealing.
I got the Prawns and the Coconut Jollof Rice.
The sauce it came with was really good too.
That rice is Bae mehn!
The prawns cost N3,000, the rice was N1,000 and so was the Chapman.
I didn't finish the prawns and they charged N200 for the takeaway pack.
I paid by card and when I saw my credit alert the next day, I realised the waiter put in N5,700 instead of N5,200. I haven't gone back to get my N500 but next time you pay by card, make sure you see the figure that is put into the POS.
I forget to mention that I love the Ambience of Ginger Tapas. The Garden is really nice too. I met the owner and we had a fun conversation with some of the other customers there. This world is really small sha, she knows my mum and is really close to my mum's younger sister. The other customer who we gisted with is like best friend's with Dara's Uncle so yeah you never know who knows you so be careful what you say when you're eating out.
This is what the owner got but I didn't try it.
Have any of you been to Ginger Tapas and Grills?
What did you get? How did it taste?
Tell me Tell me Tell me.


  1. I love your restaurant reviews!! I'm just getting ready for when I'll be on a roll for food :-D

  2. Loool, they aren't unforgiveable o!
    Abi the Bible said forgive 77 x 7 x 7 times.
    The lesson is to ensure that you crosscheck the amount entered into the POS before typing your pin.

  3. I've been waiting for a Review from someone who has been here. Awesome! I cant wait to try it out and I'll give you feedback.

    1. Awww, Yayy!
      Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it!