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Weekend Gist: Memkoh Meetup & the Igbobi College School Song

Hey Guys,

Happy Tuesday!

Hope your week is going well!

I met some really cool creatives on Saturday and put a picture up on Instagram. We met at a meetup organised by Memkoh, a blogger, stylist and personal shopper based in America. It happened at Casper and Gambini's and I had a really good time.
 I met Mr. Jason Porshe.

Funny thing is that a couple of hours before the event, I listened to a podcast where he was interviewed, Check it out here and learn from his story.

We will be collaborating in the future so watch out for that.
I met Folu Ajayi of House of Dabira. Remember that time Dakore wore a really pretty Purple and Yellow Dress to the AMVCA's. It was made by Folu who won the Zinkata Red Carpet Challenge.
 I met Ifeanyi Okafor who is a Blogger and Medical Student.
Jason pointed out that many people in the Medical Field have a creative inkling or a faashion inclined e.g. Cassie Daves & Akin Faminu
This is CJ and he is a lawyer. We didn't talk much but I find it cool that he did his Masters in the Netherlands.
 Memkoh and Henry. Host and Co Host.
 Henry took the pictures of me in this post. He is one of the contributors over at Fash Diaries.
This is Lex Ash, he is one of  the coolest photographers I know and he is always willing to share tips with me. He taught me how to use my flash via whatsapp.
 Check out his website here
This is Memkoh, chief organiser. It was a really fun experience, the ambience was great and so was the conversation. Follow her on Instagram so you know when she puts a post up on what we spoke about on the day.
On Sunday I played the Sax at my Dad's old boy's meeting which happens at my house every January. I played their School Anthem and 2 Football Chants.

My dad's classmate's really liked it as they reminisced on their Secondary School Days. There is a clip on Instagram too, watch it here.
My Aunty provided the food. It was soooo delicious, gourment food at a great price with a Zambian Twist. Check out her website here and get in touch with her if you need a Caterer, tell her I sent you o! There are pictures of her son's Introduction, Engagement and Wedding on the Blog.

Hope you're having a Great Week!


  1. It's so good that your dad hosts a meet up with the men from his secondary school as you get to keep up with them and stay friends. You mentioned how some bloggers are from the medical field like Cassie Daves, they studied Medicine at uni but may love to do other things. I studied International Relations (IR) at uni and I like to believe that I have other interests besides IR.


    1. Their school alumni network is very strong o! They hold meetings every month, have a gen sec, chairman, etc It's very organised o, they even print out minutes of the meeting. I wonder if my secondary school will have something similar in the future, time will tell. Yeah, most people have a wide variety of interests so it isn't particular to medics. He was just pointing out something he noticed among 3 Nigerian Fashion/Lifestyle Bloggers.

  2. Such meetups should be publicized! I was busy Saturday, but still :p

    I hope your dad and his friends paid you o. Or if not, will help you sell your market.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Lool, I told her o but I'm sure she will put out the word on the next one better.
      It was a surprise to his friends and there was no plan for me to be compensated. However, some of his classmates gave me nice contributions/token of appreciation and many of them promised to invite me to events to play. I gave all of them my card and CD too :)

    2. LOL. Sharp move giving them your card.

  3. Aww and I really wanted to come (more like drop by sha). I don't really like meetups after that last one but I feel like I would have vibed more in this setting. Oh well!


    1. Eyah, the vibes at this one were really really good and because it was a small crowd we mixed very well.
      Oh well, next time!

  4. Replies
    1. Look, wait till you see my next post!

  5. Tuky Tuks (i got that from your newsletter). Nice one. YOu make blogging look so cool.

    1. Yayyy, I'm glad you read it :)
      Your support and love keeps me going :D
      That's what one guy in my office calls me, it sounds like a rap name, hehe

  6. i miss the days when i had more time to go out more.*sighs*

  7. I love meet ups! think its the only thing i love more than food LOL. Good conversations and intelligent people... i'll stay there all day! i like that you got compensations for your work albeit an after thought.I guess the lawyer in me makes it hard to render fre services ... lovely post!

    1. So do I! Looool, Thank you!!!
      Free Services, Hmmmm....