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Restaurant Review: Insignia Restaurant Lagos

Hey Guys,

So I went to Insignia the day I picked up my TV. My sister was going back to school the next day and we were eager to try out the restaurant we missed out on this day.

Her Braids were looking Nice and fresh and I rocked my Fringe.
We both got Strawberry Daiquiri's.
Soooo Delicious.
It cost N2,000.
It was worth it!
I wonder why people don't really know Insignia.
Doesn't that Strawberry look good?
I love the colour of their menu, this shade of blue is one of my favourite colours.
My sister got the chicken Alfredo.
It wasn't on their menu but the waiter mentioned it.
My sister loved it!
She recommends it for any cheese lovers.
I think it's funny that they add 2 sticks of unboiled spaghetti to each dish.
I got the Spaghetti Arabiatta with prawns.
Doesn't it look Yum?
It cost N4,000 and I couldn't finish it.
Took half of it home and had it for breakfast the next day.
Leftovers at work always taste better than they did at the Restaurant. Do you agree?
The bill came up to N14,400 and I was quite shocked as I had calculated N12,000.
The prices on the menu are tax exclusive so take this into consideration when placing your order.
The Ambience there is amazing and the waiter & manager were so polite.
They were eager to serve and made our time there very pleasant. The background music was perfect too.
Have any of you been to Insignia? What did you think of it?

Address: 13 Kasumu Ekemode Street, Off Saka Tinubu, Victoria Island

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  1. looks lovely....pls can u do a fashion post.thank u

    1. Lool, Thanks Hun!
      Fashion posts coming soon.
      I'm shooting this weekend :)

  2. The pictures of the food are so nice. You should consider doing a photography tutorial series. What camera and lens did you use?

    1. Thank you Tobi! I use a Nikon D3100 and a 50mm lens.
      I'll think about it :)

  3. Yes to the photography tutorial (winks), the food and ambiance is really inviting...

  4. Beautiful Pictures! and yes to the photography thing! :) I love your blog!

  5. Just seeing your blog. Lovely work you have here.

  6. I really like the raw spaghetti thing, i think its amusing. Nice pictures, nice post!

  7. #ToastToAdetuke

  8. This is a place Ive been wanting to try. Food looks yummy.
    Why is tax billed separately. Mschewww.
    Lovely photos.

    1. Loool, you just might get the opportunity to try it!
      Hope you're subscribed to the blog o :)
      Loool, that tax billed seperately thing is very annoying, oh well, Thank you!

  9. Did you take a fuller picture of the fringe?

    Wow the pictures make the food look so inviting. Guess the spaghetti thingy is part of their signature plating. I am not really a prawn or cheese lover. But i am committed to expanding and exploring more for my taste buds.

    At leftover meals tasting better at work the next day, I so agree with you. And because they are half of the main meal, it almost is not filling.

    1. Yeah I did, it's in the post where I won the Tv:
      There are some pictures on Instagram too.

      Hehe, I'm glad it looks inviting. It must be part of their signature plating. I LOVE Prawns, explore explore explore.

  10. It looks good :)
    Passed this place a few times and I don't like the way the exterior is done- so while I noted it as a restaurant on the street, I had no intention to go in.

    1. I went there at night based on a friend's opinion of it.
      I noticed a sign board on the wall and a roll up banner in the front (which isn't necessary tbh) what didn't you like about the exterior?

  11. Replies
    1. It was really nice :)
      You should enter the giveaway if you want to go there on Valentine's Day!

  12. This is me on Sunday :)