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My Flared Lilac Skirt

Hey Guys,

So I wore this outfit on Saturday, I watched Wakaa the musical, it was sooooo good. I miss acting and being on stage, if you hear of any auditions, please let me know o. I haven't acted since Band Aid.

I deep conditioned my hair with olori on Saturday morning then put it in 2 plaits to stretch it out.
Black Girl laughing with head to the sky
From wakaa I went to Northern Foreshore for a friends get together then Nicon town to see my aunt and I took these pictures.
Flared Lilac Skirt with Ruffled Cream Shirt on WOC
My next stop was a meeting in ikoyi then my friend's house for Karaoke. 
Lilac Embroidered Skirt & Plum Bag
I was sooo tired on Sunday, my hands were shaking, I had to stay home and rest, worked on my laptop for 5 hours and the thing crashed which really pained me.
Afro & Flared Lilac Skirt
Anyways I wore this lilac skirt from grey. I was given a shopping voucher after the collaboration last year and I bought this skirt and a grey coloured one too.
Lilac Two Tone Skirt & Plum African Clutch
The top is from H and M, I bought it on sale for about £3 many years ago. I plan to travel to at least 3 countries this year, God willing. I've missed going through correct sales racks.
Vintage Gold Necklace from Millesime R n M
The Necklace is from Millesime R n M, I rocked it in this post and this one too, remember
Block Heels from Lipsy
The heels are from lipsy and I bought them for my 21st birthday. 
Do you know this is my 3rd time wearing these heels since 2013. I'm giving them away next, only those who are subscribed to the Blog stand a chance of winning so click here to subscribe. They are a size 41.
Lipsy Strappy Sandals
I bought the clutch when I went to Uganda in 2014. I bought it for my sister for her Christmas present.
Dark Purple Purse
When I like something I rock it a lot like my gold heels, my light blue jeans, my black full skirt, etc They are usually staple items too like my black hand bag from this post, my best friend said he is tired of seeing the bag. I use it almost every day because its perfect.
Afro rocking blogger
I have the zaron lipstick from this post on my lips.
2017 Nigerian Fashion Blogger
I feel like this pine tree makes it look like I'm overseas
2017 Nigerian Style Blogger
I also think this look can be rocked to a wedding and will look glammer with fancier hair.
Smiling African Fashion Blogger
I'm glad the outfit posts are back and I hope you are too :)
Nigerian Lifestyle Blogger Fashion Post
Have a Great Week Guys
Flared Lilac Skirt on Nigerian Style Blogger
Remember there is a lesson to be learned from every negative experience.
Black British Fashion Blogger
Hope you discover the lesson.
Nigerian Fashion Blogger outfit pose
Oh yeah, Smile because Jesus loves you :)
Smiling Lady with Afro


  1. Lol, smile Jesus loves you got me.. Shey you know you are a fine geh.. Av a blessed 2016 hun.. Smile on. I'm glad the style posts are back and yeah, so I am..

    1. Awww, Thank you Chinomso :)
      Hope you have a Great 2016 too!

  2. Nice

  3. I can never get over your smile. Your hair is really gorgeous, love your look.

    1. Awwww, what a Sweet Comment, Thanks Hunnie :)

  4. I love the clutch! It's so pretty. I want one :(

    Yay to visiting 3 countries this year - have you decided which ones

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Awww, I have no idea when next I'll be in Uganda but I'll remember you.
      I want to go to Cameroon because my Aunty relocated there 2 years so I won't have to worry about accommodation and feeding. Plus the only other West African country I've been to is Ghana.
      I want to go to South Africa because 2 of my friends are starting school there this month, my closest cousin is in school there and my older cousin lives there. There are soo many activities I want to do there and places I want to visit.
      I'm going to England for my sister's 21st, my friend's wedding and to finally receive an award for an award scheme I completed 2 years ago. I wouldn't mind going to another European country while there, if there is time I'll go :)

  5. The ensemble is very soft and has a hint of romance to it. On the travel plan, I'm with you, I'm looking at two countries then some states within Nigeria. Love the post! Happy new year hun

    1. I like the way you described it, the colours are pretty girly. What countries are you looking at and what states? Thanks Chioma, Happy New Year. One of my friend's took a train to Kaduna and it took him 30 hours, I wouldn't mind embarking on such an adventure and documenting it with pictures.

    2. You are welcome hunnie. The states, Kano, Calabar and Ibadan.

      Countries, Turkey and USA or South Africa. Yea, I would very much like if you could share the goal planning medium you used. Can not seem to find it.
      Kaduna by train, sounds so cool. I love trains, tried it in PH some years ago. In my head I was in a movie on a journey to an adventure. Lol

    3. I really want to Calabar too!
      Loool, they was one time I was supposed to use Turkish Airlines to go back to School but my dad and I were travelling on the same day so they changed it to British Airways. It pained me o because I was really excited that to finally visit another European Country. At the airport one of my dad's friend's gave me $500 because he liked the fact that I played the Sax. That experience taught me to stop complaining when things don't go according to my plan because I don't know what God has in store for me :)
      Oh, okay....In 2014 I wrote my goals out in a tabular form but last year I just wrote them out. I'll leave the link to the blogposts below. Awww, it is cool but 30 hours no be beans. Oshey Adventure in PH.

  6. Love the soft hues. Size 41? I was thinking you'd probably be 38 like me? too bad;the sandals are lovely.

    Happy new year.

    1. Thank you Archie :)
      Loool, my feet are bigger than they look mehn.
      Happy New Year to you too!!

  7. I love that clutch. plus ur hair looks so healthy even in this harmatan period. ah, me I tried it but, my hair was so dry after all I did so I ran to protective style LOL. Maybe you can make a post on your natural hair care during the harmatan period.

    1. Thank you Cedar.
      This harmattan no be beans o, my hair is in 2 plaits to protect it but I took it out for the shoot. Plus I have Wigs I use on days when the weather isn't smiling. I don't think I'm a Hair Expert sha

  8. Aww that sandal is lovely!!! And that clutch! Is that a tattoo?? looks You should totally visit Zanzibar! I hear its great! Cant wait t go later this year..

    1. Thanks Hun!!
      It's not a too o, I was born with it.
      My friend is going in March for a Wedding, how come you're going?