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Happy New Year

Hey Guys,
Welcome to 2016 poster
I'm really excited for 2016 because I'm now living life a bit more intentionally. Even though I have to do certain things to satisfy my parents I am making the necessary contacts with people who do what I'm interested in so that when the time is right I can jump off that cliff and go down that adventurous route.

I was cleaning my room and closet on New Years day and realised there were soooo many items I haven't worn in over a year. So I created a collage of the ones that have been featured on the Blog and decided to do a New Year Giveaway on Instagram. Expect more of these this year, I'm giving away a pair of heels next.

I haven't yet written out my goals for the year because there are certain things outstanding from last year that I need to knock off so I can focus properly on the new year.

I like to make sure everything is arranged before I jump in, decide on a strategy first :) You know how in exams when they say open your paper, some people just rush and start writing, they don't read the instructions properly, they don't write out formulas, etc I like to pray, go through the instructions, the questions and decide the order in which I will answer them, then I begin.

The possibilities are endless for 2016 and even though I put some of my gifts on the back burner in 2015, if the opportunity to use them comes forward I'm going to go for it whole heartedly.

Happy New Year Guys :)

P.S. let me know what you think of the Weekend Gist segment I started last year, honest opinions please. Let me know what you want to see more of too, I value your opinion :)


  1. Hian. Giveaway. Is anything in my size? Let me go and check biko
    Happy new year!
    The weekend gist posts were nice.


  2. Happy new year o. I enjoyed the weekend gist posts - gave me a nice taste of Lagos life. I think you should keep them up!

    1. Same to you Cuz! I'm glad you enjoyed them, I will definitely keep them up :)