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Restaurant Review: Warehouse Kitchen & Keddis Grill

To celebrate our Wedding Anniversary, my Husband & I had dinner at Warehouse Kitchen which shares a compound with Keddis Grill.

Keddis Grill is a small 24 hour space and Alex Cooks food was involved in the menu development and plating of the dishes.
I like the fact that both spots have their full menu on their Instagram Page so you can decide on what you would like to eat before you get there.
I wanted Seafood Pasta which both restaurants have and Tola wanted the Ram Burger which is only available at Keddis Grill.
We chose to eat at Warehouse Kitchen because it is wayyyy more spacious, there is indoor and outdoor seating, upstairs & downstairs too.
I found it interesting that both restaurants have different kitchens in the same building but share one toilet.
I also found it interesting that the person who owns warehouse owns keddis and the harvest, my guy is ruling the lekki restaurant scene.
My pasta was delicious, I asked them to make it spicy and they nailed it.
There was more sauce than pasta so I took some home and had it the next day with fresh pasta.
There were 3 king prawns but I had to scrape the sauce off the prawns so it would look nicer in the pictures.
I love to get frozen mocktails whenever I go out to eat and this time wasn't any different!
I got the Daiquiri which was absolutely delicious, it was well blended, there were no bits of ice in it.
The Daiquiri cost N3,500
Tola loved his burger which was made with Ram & Tozo, it took a bit longer than mine to be ready.
The Burger cost N6,000!
Fun Fact: The water at warehouse kitchen (N1,000) is more expensive than the one at Keddis grill (N500)
Also, the POS at Warehouse Kitchen wasn't working so Tola had to go to the Fidelity Bank ATM next door to get cash.
It was a really good experience, good service, I only wish they gave us something to chow on before our food was ready, like Bread, Popcorn or Nuts.
Have you been to Warehouse Kitchen or Keddis Grill before?
If you have, what did you get and how did you find it?


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