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Restaurant Review: Food Shack Lagos

Food Shack is a spot in VI that I first visited on Valentines Day in 2017!
I had Sweet Potato Fries and spicy Prawns and I remember the prawns being really delicious and fresh!
They have outdoor seating and indoor seating too and they started doing a lunch menu sometime last year!
 Tola got the Burger and it was simple but nice.
 They recently revamped their menu and space to include some more dishes.
Check out my thoughts on the New Menu here & let me know if you've ever visited Food Shack Before!
 I got a mojito and it was quite nice.
 I love it when a restaurant has a wide variety of mocktails available as I don't like alcohol
This is a picture of their 2017 menu, you can find the more recent menu on their Instagram page here.
What's your favourite restaurant in Lagos? I feel like so many new ones are popping up every month!

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