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Food Shack Lagos Revamped their Menu

Food Shack is a spot in VI that serves nice ribs, wings and burgers, a BBQ & Cravings Vibe!

I went there with Tola on Valentines Day in 2017 but never even got round to sharing the pictures, the post is up now so check it out here!
I went there last week for a food tasting as they revamped their menu and space.
They sent us the coolest invite with 3 marinade sauces & a bottle of Jameson, I marinated some wings and can't wait to eat them.
The first thing we were served was Turkey and Ribs, both were really good, probably my favourite main.
Next we got the Shack Dog, Triple X Burger & Goat Shawarma.
The Burger was my favourite thing of the 3 because it had a hint of peanut butter, it was an interesting mix.
I didn't eat the Goat Shawarma because I don't eat Goat but the bread gave me chapati vibes.
The Shack Dog was just a simple Hot Dog with Pickles in it, I wouldn't go out to order that because it can be made at home.
There were 2 types of Mac & Cheese, one with Prawns & one with Pork.
 I don't like cheese, except it's on Pizza so I can't really tell you how good it was, people seemed to like it though.
There was something called the Sidechick with fries, chicken and a gravy like sauce, I didn't love this but if you like gravy, you would enjoy it.
There was another dish with fries, plantain chips and beetroot, I really liked how fresh the plantain crisps were.
The grand finale was dessert and it was my favourite dish of the night.
A warm cookie with ice cream, caramel sauce and a Lotus Biscuit, I just wish there was more ice-cream.
There were loads of Jameson cocktails but because I don't like alcohol so I got a Strawberry Mojito which had a hint of mint, I liked this.
It was nice seeing my fellow food lovers again, it started raining shortly after I left and the rain was so heavy, seems like this 270 days of rainfall might be a real thing.
Have you eaten at food shack before? What did you think of it?
Which of these dishes would you like to try?

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