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Best Steak in Africa | Inka Steakhouse Rwanda

I had dinner at the Only Steakhouse in Rwanda which makes the Best Steak in Africa.
They have won the Award for Best Steak in Africa 2 years in a row and they definitely deserve it.
We got Complimentary Bread rolls as our starter.
I got a Passionfruit Margarita which was good.
The waiter brought a slab of meat and talked us through the different types of steak they had available.
You should definitely watch my vlog here to see what we experienced.
I got the Creamy Spicy Tagliatelle Pasta and my Husband got the taste of trio which is made up of the Sirloin, Tenderloin & Boneless Rib Eye.
It came with Chimichurri sauce and he got it Medium Rare.
He really really loved it, I've never seen my Husband get so excited because of food before.
He got a side of Garlic Herb Roasted Potato Wedges but it wasn't really necessary because the Steak was really filling.
I mashed some of the potatoes for my baby, Tireni & he liked it.
We visited at night and sat indoors because outside was a bit chilly.
Our waiter was really knowledgeable and the customer service was on point, the only thing lacking was a high chair for the baby.
Make sure you watch the vlog here and let me know if this is somewhere you would love to visit.
Also, are you a steak person? If yes, what is your favourite part?


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