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Restaurant Review: Sri Suwoon Victoria London

Hey Guys,

Hope you had a Great Weekend!!!

Mine was so busy, went for a breakfast meeting, NITC 16 (check out my recap of the 8th and 9th editions), a training my mum was facilitating, the vulcaniser and then a rehearsal, all on saturday.

On Sunday, I just went to church and then had interesting conversations with different people. This week is really really Sax filled, I'm playing at quite a number of events and I pray for grace, strength and favour. I'm really glad that my Hobby has now become my career/occupation, it's such a wonderful feeling and I hope and pray you all get to experience this kind of joy.

So this post is a review of a Restaurant I went to while in England, there are 4 more food posts from London in my drafts, I ate out A LOT, that's what happens when you haven't been to London in 2 years. The exchange rate these days isn't cute and I pray this recession is over as quickly as the famine in 2 Kings 6-7.
So this is a review of the restaurant I mentioned in my last Food post, it's a Thai restaurant in Victoria where my friend, Adiba was proposed to.
I had never been in a situation like this where I was in on a proposal for a friend. 
It was planned by my friend's boyfriend, now fiance, her sister and I.
We ordered starters: Chilli Prawns, Paper Wrap King Prawns and Dim Sum.
I was really nervous, praying that everything would go smoothly.
I also didn't bring up her fiance's name while we catching up as I didn't want anything to go wrong.
Her fiance walked in with roses and a photographer behind him and it was the cutest thing ever.
The couple then proceeded to have a mini pre wedding shoot outside and her sister and I joined in the fun :D
Shout out to Jamie for doing a smashing job, he took the pictures at my 21st birthday and Graduation and those pictures still look modern and Beautiful.
We went back in and ordered some more starters as her fiancé had missed out on it.
I Love Love Love Love Crispy Aromatic Duck in Pancakes with Hoisin Sauce, Cucumber and Spring Onions.
Does anyone know anywhere in Lagos where I can get this?

Please tell me!
Someone ordered Beef.
Someone ordered Pork, I believe there was a Chicken Dish too.
We got more of the Chilli Prawns that we had in the first set of starters as it was so good.
We got Spare ribs too but I didn't try it.
I don't really like Pork.
There were 2 seafood sauces on the table and they tasted really delicious. These pictures are of the Pud Sri Suwoon which is made of Prawns, Squid and green lip mussels stir fried with chilli paste, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and galangal root. I don't have a photographic memory, checked out the menu here for the description.
I have learnt that it isn't wise to edit food pictures when you are hungry or haven't eaten.
I had my Prawn Sauce (Goong Pud Prig Pao) with Sticky rice and it was the, wish I could go back right now to eat some more of this delicious food.
That wish can't come through for me right know but one wish that can come through for you is a free ticket to Xclusive Mic's Comedy Show this Tuesday.
I have two tickets to give away and if you would like to win one for yourself and a friend, simply send an email to saying why you want to win the tickets.

Have a Good Week!!!


  1. Your food photography is amazing Tuks!!! Everything looks so good!

  2. Your photo skills is dope!

  3. These look so yummy! You have greatly improved on your photography skills hun!

  4. It really isn't a good idea to look at food pics when ypu haven't eaten. What was I thinking opening a restaurant review by Tuke and her amazing food photography skills? Looks so delish. Seafood is everything

    1. You've got that right!
      Looool, awwww, it feels nice when people appreciate my Food Photography :D
      Seafood really is the Business!!

  5. Seeeeen, didn't know your love for Thai food was that strong. Yes, people do eat pork in Nigeria, I'm not one of them though, my dad always talks about it's negative health effect's.

  6. Aww beautiful! Adiba and I attended the same primary school (st saviours school). Congratulations to her.