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The LBD: Little Black Dress

Hey Guys,

Happy Eid!!!

Trust you're all enjoying the long weekend :)

How are you spending it? How much Sallah meat have you eaten? Hehehe :)
These pictures were taken in July, on the night I met Yolanda Brown, put up a picture and video on Instagram :D
I wore this cute black dress that I got from Mente de Moda for only N3,000 last year.
I got three black dresses on that day and have rocked two of them (the long ones) on the blog already, check them out here and here :)

The Cute Clutch I rocked belongs to my sister.
She got it from a boutique in Fitzrovia called Amish.
Don't you think the gems are exquisite.

I love Europe because there are sooooo many picturesque spots that will make perfect locations for shoots.

Tostos takes some of her pictures on streets like this and they always come out soooo beautiful.
I wish there were more easily accessible scenic locations in Lagos sha.
Shout out to @liyah_fn for taking these pictures, don't know why she was hiding her face o :)
Some of them were taken with her camera, some were taken with mine and then I edited them a bit in Lightroom as they were taken pretty late at night.
I think every woman needs at least One Fitted Little Black Dresses in her wardrobe as they are sooooo versatile and are suitable for a wide variety of ocassions.
If you haven't got a Little Black Dress & your bank account wouldn't let you get one or you haven't found one that suits your style, you can always improvise with a Black top & skirt or Black Dress & Skirt like I did here :D
Let me know how many LBD's you have, what style they are in, how you like to rock them and where you like to rock them to.

P.S. If you are a Blogger and have any posts where you're rocking an LBD, leave the link in the comment Box so my readers and I can check it out :D

Enjoy the rest of the Holiday!!!


  1. Hi pretty. No sallah meat yet o. Just hanging out with family and friends. I'm not quite sure if this fits into the LBD category but I styled it here

    1. Hey Hunnay!!! That's nice, bonding time :D Going to check it out now!

  2. Damn girl...that looks good on you. I actually don't have a black dress in my wardrobe. I am usually worried that since I am dark, I would look gloomy with it. Then, my stomach pouch again would not let me look great. Love the clutch too.

    1. Looool, Thanks Simi.. I imagined you saying that in an American Accent.
      I didn't have a good one for the longest time, like they all had issues e.g. were too short, or were sleeveless, or didn't fit right. But then I went on a hunt for Black dresses and found some Great pieces :) I need to have loads of them in my cupboard because of the type of work I do too :D
      Nah, I don't think you will look gloomy in a Black Dress, I have loads of Dark Skinned friends that wear black and slay. One of them used to blog so I looked through her blog and found posts where she was rocking Black or predominantly Black:
      About the stomach pouch, you just have to wear clothes that flatter your shape & don't cling to your tummy e.g. empire dresses.

  3. I love this outfit.. a good LBD is always a winner :)

  4. Hi Tuke. You look great. The dress is beautiful and the price ... wow! When next is the fair coming up? The LBD is very versatile and always looks classy. The clutch complements it well also.

    1. Thank you Dara :D
      They happen at least once a month usually at BICS Gardens in Lekki, search for them on Instagram (@MenteDeModa) and turn on post notifications so you know when they post the flyer/announce dates.

  5. Sallah meat was coming to me, am even munching one atm at work. Pretty pretty dress.. I love the clutch, definitely exquisite.. I have none now that I think of it, definitely adding it to my needs lists asap..
    I wish we had more beautiful places like this in Lagos #we would get there..

    1. Looool, Wow!! That's good o! It was coming to you while people were out there searching for it.
      Thank you :D

  6. Tuke, you look gorgeous!!!! I don't see you in form fitting clothes too often because ya hiding this "shehppp" from us. Love it!
    I wasn't an lbd person until recently when I saw one for $20 and I rocked it in 4 ways. I'll be back to share a link when my site is back up (I think that was really sweet of you to include, Tuke).
    Stay Fab! <3

    1. LOL!!!!
      You know I love to be comfy and free, hehehe :)
      Niiiiice, looking forward to your site being back up so I can check it out :* :* :*

  7. I have just one little black dress which is blogged about here

    Your smile warms my heart each time. Big ups!

    1. Awwww, Thanks Tosin :)
      Just checked out the post and left a comment :D

  8. Wow! Wow! Long time no show up here! You looked really gorgeous in that dress + your winning smile!

    Yes to LBD and the versatility that comes with it.
    I always thought items at Mente do Monda were pricey, you've helped shatter that thought.

    1. Asin, very long time o!
      I remember when you used to be my number 1 commenter, hehe, now it's probably Kachee Tee :D
      Thank youuuu!!!
      They are soooo soooo versatile!
      Not all items are o, many stalls have Mad sales, you just have to be patient and go round properly.

    2. Hhahahahaha! Late to the Party! Work has been crazy. But you know I still had to come. I have a couple of LBD's but only worn them a couple of times, and no where else to where them to. Maybe I should start fashion blogging! Loool. Right after I come to you to give me some posing tips!
      Your hair, the dress, the clutch, everything is so pretty! We need to catch up. I'll send you a message soon.
      3 Important Details in Creating Beautiful Lasting Wedding Memories (Lessons from Our Wedding!)

    3. Looool, I trust that you will still come :)
      Awwwww, maybe you should o, no wahala :D
      Hehehehe, Thanks Hun, yeah we do o !!!

    4. LOL life and work has been pretty hectic! Number one or not, you know I got plenty love and support for you beautiful.

      Hi @Kachee. I will check your blog out.

    5. Yeah, pele, please take time out to rest and re-energise o!
      Awwwww, I know you do and I've got mad love for you too girl. You're such a sweetie :* :* :*

  9. That is such a CUTE dress. Slay on gurl!

    Deola Adebiyi

  10. your really pretty and i love your smile

  11. nice dress and it looks really good on you

  12. beautiful woman with a beautiful smile