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Live Your Dreams 2016

There are 2 days left till Live your Dreams Africa and I am truly excited.

I've been a part of the event since the first year and it's amazing to see how it has gotten bigger and better each year.

Each one has been different yet impactful and the stories heard and shared stay on in my mind throughout the year.

If you are in Lagos and haven't got prior commitments that can't be changed, don't miss out on this event, register here!

If you're not in Lagos but still want to learn a thing or two from our wonderful speakers, make sure you tune in to the live stream.

Remember how I played at Ted X Gbagada last year, the organiser saw me play the National Anthem at Live your dreams and invited me to showcase my skills on an international platform.

You never know what will come about from you attending the event, your destiny helper might just be waiting for you.

Register here for free and share this post with a friend

P.S. if you need a smartphone or know someone who desires one, share this Blogpost with them and tell them to get in on the competition (details contained in the flyer below )

P.S. Chinomso,  a fellow blogger attended live your dreams last year after reading about it on my blog. Find out how it changed her life here and don't forget to share the post with your network.



  1. Heard about it last year but wasn't able to go. I'm already registered for this year's own and I'm looking forward to it!