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What I wear when it's that time of the month

Hey Guys,

Happy Monday!!!

I've got a music exam in 2 weeks so I spent most of my weekend preparing for that. How was your weekend?
I know it's a pretty bold post title.
But, I wear these pants A LOT especially when it's that time of the month.
These pants from Matalan are made of cotton so are really comfortable and loose with no pressure on the tummy.

They are pretty similar to the pants in this post which are made of silk.
I'm wearing one of my most patriotic necklaces which I featured on the blog in my earlier days.
Check out the post here and let me know what ways you think my Blogging style has changed.
My mum bought the top from New Look on one trip to london. I love how free and floaty it is , I need to invest in more clothes like this one and the dress from this post.
I've got my Her Given Hair from this post on my head.
Do you have any comfy pants like these?

If yes, where did you get them from ?
What kind of looks do you wear when it's that time of the month and you don't want pressure on your tummy. My next two style posts will feature looks that are appropriate for that time, one of which is pretty dressy/party appropriate.

I think this look is good for long flights too as it's comfy enough for you to sleep and enjoy your nap :)
Hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. It's really a pretty bold post. Lool!! I like your boldness though and its actually a good post the will help other ladies. For me I don't wear trousers when its that time of the month except its really necessary (underline nnecessary). I wear free flowing gowns cos I experience a lot of pain so having free access to squeeze my tummy is necessary. Btw I love the pants.

    Moma's Healthy Hair Journey

    1. Loool, I hope it does!
      Thank you!
      For me, I can only wear certain pants like this one

  2. Such an interesting read!i love slouchy clothes at that time of the month too...love your hair a lot!!!

  3. I am currently wearing one,mine is made of silk.My aunt got it for me

  4. Haha. Pretty bold title. But I really like the look! The neck piece and the hair looks very 'Africanish'


    That Time I begged on the streets of London

  5. I find that there is a whole lot of uncomfortable heat down there at that time. so i prefer to wear trousers and jeans instead of dresses.

    1. Loool, interesting!
      I haven't really noticed the heat but I will pay attention when it comes next month.

  6. babes, u r growing up, ur style is okay now, cos it appeals | resonates with your audience who are also evolving. Thumbs up for that.
    The entire outfit is so on fleek,topic is classy.

  7. I must say, I like the originality of the post title.

    I have several pairs of special underwear (panties) I use when it's that time of the month, like I'm wearing now. Lol. The underwear are particularly tight and quite comfy, so with them on, I am good to go in any kinda dress whether gown, skirts or jeans.

    Your blog style has improved in more ways than one. Kudos!

    1. Loool, Thank you :)
      Niiice, awwww, Yayyyyy, I'm glad you think so1

  8. Your outfit combination is wow! It's so free and comfortable. Definitely something I would wear.

  9. This is really nice. Any advice on work outfits to wear at that time of the month?

    1. Thank you Oghosa :)
      The style post that is going up next wednesday will answer your question.
      For now, check out this post: http://www.tukesquest.com/2015/11/weekend-gist-lagos-fashion-week-ajali.html
      It shows what I wore to Fashion week last year, I wore the comfy pants in this post with a jacket to make it office appropriate.

  10. Nice post! I usually do more of darker shades shaa to avoid any sort of embarrasment... 😀😀😀😀

    This happens to be one of my fav blogs in Nigeria.👏👏👏

    1. Loool, Thank you!
      I definitely stay away from light coloured pants, skirts or dresses.
      Yayyyy, I'm glad!

  11. Hy admin wat do u suggest to be worn during the cold weather
    I am always on a sweat shirt.. But found it really odd

    1. When it is really cold, it is very important to cover your hands and feet with gloves and boots.
      You can also get thermal underwear and layer up, wear panty hose under your trousers, wear thick socks with your boots, don't expose your chest by wearing V neck shirts, wear round necks and tie a scarf.
      Hope this helps!

  12. i got mine from www.pearlyoukio.com for my daughther and www.oldnavy.com for mine