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Tuke's Trips: Tarkwa Bay Lagos

Hey Guys,

So I finally visited Tarkwa Bay this month as my family friend planned a last minute trip to Tarkwa Bay for his birthday.

His birthday happened a couple of weeks after I left a comment on Cassie's post saying I wanted to go there.
My parents aren't really pro-beach so I can count the number of times I've been. I actually counted out all the times I've been on a boat in this post which I wrote in 2014. Check it out and let me know what you think has changed, in terms of my writing style, physical appearance, picture quality, etc
Before I left the house for the take off spot, my mum said I shouldn't put my leg in the water as oil might have spilled into it making it harmful. The first shock was that we had to wade in the water to get to the shore as our boat was too big to park at the shore.
At first we went to a take off point near bonny camp, I put a video of it up on Instagram, check it out here.
Majority of the people in the party weren't fans of the small boat so we ended up going to Fiki Marina (opposite Law school) and took a Catamaran from there. Check out what the Marina looked like in this clip.
It seemed safer and more secure than the smaller Boat, but everything isn't always as it seems (Remember Titanic). The marina reminded me of Brighton, it has international vibes, very clean looking, professional and there was live music in the evening.
We walked across the pier to the Catamaran.
We sat inside and it was a tad bit humid. There were loads of interesting people on it too.

On the ride back, I sat on the deck as you get a better view, more breeze and are able to take correct pictures too.
The first thing I noticed about the beach was that there were loads of children and loads of expatriates too.
It was during the Worker's day long weekend but we got a nice shed in a pretty secluded area, towards the left of the bay.
The celebrant used a guy called God's Power to rent the tarpauline shade, tables and chairs. He accompanied us from Bonny Camp to Fiki to Tarkwa Bay and then back.
If you ever want to go to Tarkwa Bay, send me a mail and I'll give you his number, he'll sort you out so your experience is hassle free.
There were loads of beach vendors selling hand crafted goods
I didn't ask for the price of many things as I didn' t go there to shop.

We were approached by a guy who sold swords & jewellery boxes, to find out how much they cost and see what he looked like, check out this post and this post on Instagram.

Most of the vendors didn't mind me taking pictures
Except the guy with the stern face in the picture above, he wasn't having it.

See that bad eye o!

There was a guy who sold really cool crafts made of wood.

I saw the exact same danfo bus in a store in Lekki the following week.

I wonder if he supplies them/what his distribution method is.

I thought the rafia bags were pretty neat, just wish they had zips.

My mum always hammers the importance of buying bags with zips as it makes it more difficult for pick pocketers to steal stuff.
We were there for about 4 hours and it was such a pleasurable day.
One of the last things we did was play American Football, first time ever playing the sport.

We had loads of food and drinks and ended up giving out some as we couldn't finish it all.
I didn't take my swimsuit along as my mum had scared me with the oil in the water story.
I took a couple of books along but didn't even start reading as people watching was really enjoyable.

I ended up playing in the water with my clothes on and I had such a Blast, couldn't believe I had missed out on playing in the waves for so many years.

Some people surfed and rode horses but I didn't get involved in that.

I was just glad to be at a new place exploring Naija with Awesome company. I didn't walk into the island, or see people selling fish/coconut water, was just satisfied enjoying the view and experience. Next time I go, I will venture into the Island.

It was a really enjoyable, relaxing day and it didn't cost too much.

N3,000 per person for the boat ride to and fro and the celebrant paid God's Power about N10,000 for the chairs, tables and all the help/assistance he provided for our group of 9 people. Cassie didn't spend nearly as much though, so check out her post for more details.

Have you been to Tarkwa Bay before? What was your experience like there?

What/Where are the hidden gems in Lagos that you think need to be better publicized/maintained so we can actually become one of the top tourist destinations in Africa?

The last time I went to the beach before this was in 2014 and you can read my recap of that experience here.
When last did you go to the beach/How often do you go to the beach?
 Do you have a favourite beach in Lagos or any other state in the world?
If you enjoyed this post then you should definitely check out the travel section of my Blog where I share pictures and stories on interesting places I've visited.


  1. I've been to the beach ONCE, with emphasis lol. I shared my experience here (http://shanyitots.blogspot.com.ng/2015/11/my-first-visit-to-beach.html)
    I especially love the feel of the waves gushing on my legs.

  2. Awesome!!! Loool!!! From the guy with the stern face to you subtly avoiding the horses...I think. :)

    I think I ought to celebrate my birthday in this Takwa Bay sha. I sure need some fun like this!

    Thanks for sharing. Love your outfit!

    1. Thank you :)
      Yeah, you should.
      It's a really nice way to get a break from the stress of traffic and no light.
      You're welcome!

  3. I like the picture with your hands raised up.. More like *I'm happy I was here* lol..

    The last time I went to the beach was this month... Suntan beach @ Badagry. It was a nice experience for me too.(posted it on my blog)

    I don't think I have a favourite beach in Lagos though.

    And I love the travel session of your blog.


    1. Thanks :)
      You interpreted it perfectly :D
      I tried to get a jump shot but it didn't work out!
      I haven't heard of Suntan Beach before, going to check out the post now!
      Thank you :D
      I Love writing in the travel section and every other section too, tbh!

  4. Nice. I enjoyed watching the clips on your IG page and reading about your experience.

    I've been to the beach several times and personally, it has always been a great chill-out time for me but I haven't been to Tarkwa Bay.

    Y'all must've had loads of fun.

    1. Thank you Sue. You should visit it when you have the chance, it's really nice :)

  5. Next time I'm in Nigeria I am definitely checking this out. Great post!
    Marveling-Mind☀ | Instagram | Bloglovin’

  6. The last time I went to the beach was last year. It was in Skegness. I went in Autumn so it was too cold to sit on the beach.
    My mum thinks the same too- in terms of buying a bag with a zip.

    1. Oh nice, I think that's where Tobi Obalade was. I only went to the beach once while in England. It was a rocky beach, no sand, just stones and pebbles.
      Awww, cool, Smart Mum's think alike :)

  7. I love this post so much.

    I've been to Tarkwa bay once but that was in high school, My set went to sea school for a leadership programme and we were to spend a night there but that didn't happen for some reason I can't remember.

    I hope to go there soon though whenever I'm in Lagos.

    1. Yayyyy, Thank you Temi Makay!
      My secondary school didn't send us to sea school which sorta sucked as I heard so many interesting stories about it.
      You should totally go there, let me know what your experience is like when you go!

  8. Lol @ the stern-faced, red-eyed guy.
    Lovely pictures.
    I've been to Tarkwa bay twice. Really nice experience both times. I played soccer :)
    The second time we left from Fiki too and I liked how neat it was; then we had to wade in the water like you did when it was time to leave.
    I like the beach, when it's this kind and not the overly commercialised Elegushi kind. That is how water carried my phone one time. Chai.

    1. Thanks Sandra.
      I think Soccer is more fun to play than American Football.
      I haven't been to Elegushi yet but the stories I've heard about it have been very interesting!
      Ah, pele o!
      That's so painful.
      Water carried my sister's slippers one time but it brought it back

  9. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay to beach outings! It looks pretty full though. I like more secluded beaches, or would rather go earlier in the morning.

    As far as being a top tourist destination, a lot of things need to be put in place infrastructure-wise. But there are many places in Lagos that tourists would love sha.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Some parts of it were full but the edge I sat at was pretty empty. I knowwww, hope things change soon!

  10. Hi Tuke,

    I enjoyed seeing the photographs, I've never been to Tarkwa Bay.

    That yummy-looking chocolate cake is tempting me to reconsider this my healthy-eating matter. Lol.

    I'm not really a beach person as I can't swim, but a picnic by the beach with friends sounds like jolly fun. :-)

    1. Hi Nedoux! I'm glad you did!
      Loool, it is always jolly good fun!

  11. Tarkwaa Bay! I was there last month. I also saw the guy with the wood craft thing. I got the guy's number and I plan to call him soon. It was pretty affordable. Less than 10k mostly. Your photos are great.

  12. Hi Tuke!.Big fan here!,though I just found your blog about 4days ago.The last time we went to the beach my brother's brand new HTC went with the water.He was so disturbed, he started calling the number and we teased him saying "do you expect mammy water to pick the call"

    1. Hi Laddidi :)
      Awww, Welcome to my Blog!
      I wonder how you found it.
      Choi, that is painful o, loool you guys are jokers.

  13. last time I went there was when we visited sea school. He had a bonfire there and slept on the beach. I love the bay tho we had to enter the policce quaters when it started raining in the middle of the night.

    1. Oh wow, I always wish I had the opportunity to go to sea school. Sadly, my school didn't take students there before choosing prefects. Wow, at police quarters, didn't even notice them.

  14. I've been to tarkwa bay once, when I was about 5years old with my family. It sure was a lovely experience, can't wait to back there. Lovely pictures and I'm a huge fan of ur blog👍!


  15. Hi Tuke, what an amazing blog post on Tarkwa Bay. I have heard of it, but didn't know how to get there. Where will I park my car? How will I get a boat to the Island? Do I come with my own boat and many other questions.
    So, I like to take my woman here someday. However, I like a calm environment and fancy privacy. When can I go to experience this calm, quiet and private moment with my woman, Saturday or Sunday and what time of the day would you recommend?

    1. Thank you Seun :)
      You park your car in the Fiki Car Park or the one not too far from Muson.
      There are boats there and you can call Godspower on 07065825570, he will sort you out.
      I went on a Sunday during the public holiday so there were loads of families there.
      However, we stayed at a section of the beach which wasn't very busy.
      We went in the afternoon, after church. Godspower will be able to give you proper analysis of their peak and off peak times :)
      Have fun out there with your woman and Be Safe!

    2. Many thanks for your prompt response and God bless.