Merry Christmas Everyone! | Tuke's Quest

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hey Guys

Merry Christmas!!!

Hope you enjoyed Christmas Day :)

Mine was fun, spent it with family and I really enjoyed the bonding time.

Went to church in the morning, came home changed then headed to my dad's side of the family for Christmas Lunch.
I planned to write this post after eating but I was enjoying the gist which is why it's coming on Boxing Day!
Stopped by at my mum's side of the family afterwards for more gist, food and fun.
Some of my family member's were riding around on a hoverboard but after my experience here, I know it isn't one of my strongest points.
I got loads of lovely unexpected presents that I love.
I'm really grateful that I had such a wonderful day with my family, all in good health and spirits.
How did you spend Christmas day? Did you get what you wanted.
Shout out to my cousin, Oyinade, for taking these pictures. She took the ones in this post too and is going to be taking a lot of my pictures come 2017 :)
Enjoy the rest of the Long weekend!!!

P.S. May the souls of George Michael and those who died in the crash rest in peace.


  1. Merry Christmas dear
    I also spent time with family. Best Xmas ever

  2. These pictures are sooo beautiful, the hair, the outfit, the earrings :)
    Christmas day was fun. Spent most of the time in church (lets go a fishing).
    compliments of the season!

    1. Awww, Thank you :)
      There will be a style post on this look going up soon so look out for that!
      My province's let's go a fishing was at 7am today but I didn't go because I was too tired, glad you're enjoying the holiday

  3. Beautiful Pictures, U have a wonderful smile too. I spent most mine at home after breakfast outing with some church members. i love your blog!

    1. Thank you Jennifer, I appreciate the sweet words :)
      Will definitely check out your Blog!

  4. Beautiful pictures you got. Compliments of the season.

  5. Tuks Tuks!
    Glad you had a ood one. Mine was pretty chilled. Home, movies, food!

    1. Thank you Kachee :)
      Chilled holidays are always the best so one can rest and rejuvenate.