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Tuke's Trips: Lekki Conservation Centre

Hey Guys,

2016 is over in a few days, Wow, I pray God protects and preserves us all so we live to see the New Year and many more.

I'm really glad that I was able to put up more travel posts this year. Check out the ones on Omu ResortTarkwa BayEdinburghJohannesburg and the three posts on China: 12 & 3.
If you are active on Instagram you would know that there has been an increase in the number of travel bloggers & tour companies in Lagos. I tagged the ones I know and trust in this post. Sadly, I haven't been able to go on any of the tour's as their dates always clash with a gig or family engagement.
On Christmas Day, my cousins, TJ & Helen were talking about how they wanted to do some touristy things like visit Badagry, Lekki Market and other interesting spots in Lagos. A lot of people I follow on Instagram went to Lekki Conservation Centre on Monday, Boxing Day. I asked one of them questions about going there, what you need to know and carry along, got some tips from friend's who had visited recently, called my cousins & loved ones and in less than 24 hours we were on our way to Lekki Conservation centre. 
It is after the 7th roundabout i.e. Chevron roundabout on the right hand side. It was pretty busy as we went on a Public Day. Entrance Fee is N1,000 for adults and N200 for children. An additional N1,000 is paid if you intend to go on the canopy walk.
I had visited LCC while in Secondary School on an excursion but didn't remember much of it so was pretty excited for the experience. 
I went with a group of 11 people and we had a Blast.
The Canopy walk is the longest one in Africa (401 metres), with an aluminium walkway and rope sides.
It starts off pretty steep but then the gradient softens up as you go higher.
It got pretty wobbly at points but we always moved in groups of 6-7 for Balance.
Some people turned back after the first walkway but eventually walked all of it.
I led the group at some points and it was pretty scary, we were praying and singing praises to God but deep down we knew we were safe. The man who built this also built the Canopy Walk in Ghana and the Cable Cars in Calabar, he knows his stuff.
We didn't have a tour guide, just followed the trail and asked people what lay ahead.
We didn't see many animals either, just monkeys, adult ones and baby ones too.
It was a fun, inexpensive day out and I think everyone should visit there at least once.
It was stress free, the staff we encountered were professional, funny and knowledgeable. We got wrist bands after paying the entrance fee and one of the guys on the canopy walk said if anyone got injured, he/she will be treated at the Chevron hospital free of charge due to their health and safety policy, don't know how true that is sha!
Loads of people go there for picnics, pre wedding shoots, birthday parties and to play at the games area with the XL Chess board and Snakes & Ladders board.

Have you been to Lekki Conservation Centre before? What was your experience like



  1. Nice one Tuke!
    Lekki Conservative Centre is an Amazing place to visit. The Government needs to invest more in Tourism.

    1. Thank you Prisca :)
      It really is an Amazing place especially when you go with great people.
      You got that right, Nigeria has such huge tourism potential.

  2. I went here in November I loved it!!! I was so surprised that not many folk in Lagos are so unaware of this secret gem! I can wait to go back. :D

    1. Awwww, what a great review.
      Many of our tourism sites aren't promoted properly but the emergence of travel bloggers is changing things.

  3. You look like you had a nice time visiting. Would you be going back?

    LCC has a special place in my heart, I'm glad (and sometimes sad) to see it becoming so popular, lol.

    1. I definitely did.
      I wouldn't be going back any time soon unless I have to because there are other spots to explore.

  4. Ooh this is always fun! I would probably take a rain check on the canopy walk!
    Merry Christmas beautiful!

    1. Super Fun.
      Same to you Hun and Happy New Year!!!

  5. Nah mehn, the canopy walk was the scariest thing I had done in 2016. I am not sure I can handle doing that again. Happy New Year...

    EatTechTravel || 2016 Review: Travel

    1. Looool, I've done it once, no need to do it again.
      Same to you!

  6. I did the canopy walkway last year with social prefect and it was scary and fun at the same time.
    I've been wanting to go to Badagry and the Lekki art market also ooooooo. I ant wait to be done with this work tbh. Hoping this year, I get to do more exploring.

    Cassie Daves Blog
    Exploring The LCC Canopy Walkway.

    1. You described it perfectly, scary yet fun!
      OMG, they are both on my list, the lekki market especially, I want to go there as soon as possible tbh.
      I can't wait for you to be done either, then it will be exploring time!!