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My 2016 in Review

Happy New Year Fam!

I am so grateful to God for all he did for me in 2016.

It started out a bit rough with some family member's having health issues and balancing a 9-5 I didn't feel was necessary with Music, Blogging, Photography & all the other things I love. It ended up greatly though and I can honestly say that 2016 was an amazing year of walking in purpose & God's favour surprising me.

I've been singing "You've been faithful lord, from the ages past, that is why your name, is forever praised". I pray this song shall be on your lips too.
Tuke Morgan Nigerian Female Saxophonist

In previous years, I would write out my goals at the beginning of the year, do a quarter year audit and then an end of year audit.

In 2016 though, I mentioned them briefly in this post but had them written out properly on a paper at my bedside. Some of my goals were pretty personal and audacious which is why I didn't share them on the Blog.

I thought it will be nice to share some moments, milestones and achievements that made this year notable and I have decided to write out the highlights month by month like Amarachi of Chapter One.


I won a TV through Fifty the movie
I met some cool creatives at the memkoh meet up & realised that my food photography had improved after editing my pictures from Casper & Gambini's. 
I played my dad's secondary school anthem at an old boy's meeting in my house and was unexpectedly financially rewarded. 
I also played in Redemption Camp in front of Daddy GO at the covenant partners event and played at an event for the Federal Society of the Blind on the same day. 
I shot multiple style looks in one day and the two looks: Bumble Bee & Toju Foyeh pants are some of my favourite style posts of the year.


I worked with Ofadaa on a post and giveaway
I used canva to make cool professional looking posters like the ones in this post
My Blog turned two

My favourite guy delivered a Blogversary cake to me at work, it was such a cute moment :)
I also surprised a top manager at MTN on his birthday and played during the cocktail hour at a wedding at Oriental
I tried out short Bob Box braids but didn't like it so took it out after 5 days
I shot a collaborative valentine's day post with some amazing bloggers, check it out here
I wrote an article for Bella Naija on lessons I learned in my second year of Blogging


The pictures I took at 1415 increased my love of food photography
I surprised a top manager at Africa Re on her birthday, check out video here
I met my favourite Blogger, Sharon of this is Ess. We visited some cafe's, had a mini shoot and then ended the day at the AMVCA's. Shout out to Linguini for taking our pictures and the reader who told me she was coming to Lagos.
I exhibited at Wed Expo and played there too
I played at a Restaurant & Hotel, had an overnight band rehearsal and learnt a lot about friendships and people
I held my Blogversary Giveaway. Shout out to IBK for making such an awesome giveaway poster
I got featured on TVC
I saw Nneka Perform live, read about that experience here


I played at the cutest surprise party ever and the celebrant appreciated me in the vote of thanks
I shot pictures of the printastic clan dress I got in 2014 and the pictures make me happy
My friend, Tosin, of Zere Fashion house got married to the man of her dreams #Toster2016
My band and I played at a house party in Ikoyi and it was lit
I met Kirk Whalum and learnt from him at a Saxophone masterclass


I visited Tarkwa Bay for the first time
I worked with an International Hair Company, Her Given Hair
I played at a wedding while the lovely bride from Cote D'ivoire walked down the aisle (It was so touching, watch clip here)
I helped organise the 4th edition of live your dreams.  I had many roles on that day including Social Media co-ordination, Playing the Saxophone, interviewing some of the speakers and just ensuring that everything went smoothly. I have been a part of this event since inception and it's growth thanks to the founder, Bankole Williams and volunteers just amazes me. 
I tried out Ghana weaving and it was cute
I visited Omu resort, two tourist spots in one month, not bad ayyy?!
I played at a white wedding in VI and my understanding of the events industry greatly improved


I turned 24, Glory to God!
I wrote my Grade 6 ABRSM Practical Exam and took my first official leave to prepare for it. I only had a few days to get ready for an exam that people take months to practice for, I passed, isn't God good!
I surprised the ED of Skye Bank (clip here) and learnt to place proper value on my gifts
I left my 9-5 and it was time to fully focus on chasing my dreams
I hustled to get PTA and succeeded
My financial knowledge improved and my friends came through for me in more ways than one
I tried out Brazilian wool but took it out after a couple of days
I also tried out Ghana Didi


I received my Gold Duke of Edinburgh award and met Prince Phillip
I visited Scotland for the first time
God reminded my family that he is Jehovah Rapha, our healer
I visited England after 2 years and my eyes were opened
I realised how bad our exchange rate was
I bought a Macbook, Whoop!
I met Yolanda Brown, saw her perform twice and was pleasantly surprised to find out that she knew who I was
I met up with loads of friends from my A-level school and caught up on life :)
I met up with a lot of friends from Uni at the President of my youth fellowship's wedding #Tobannah2016
I spent money eating out and realised the importance of travelling and exposing yourself to new cultures
I met some creative Nigerians and had a shoot with Dola Posh, this picture she shot was my number 1 picture on Instagram in 2016
I helped plan one of my oldest friend's proposal


I got a new phone from Infinix and collaborated with them on the Infinix Hot S
I played at an event at the Vice President's House
I started learning French and completed A1 at Alliance Francais
I was a Bridesmaid for the first time and the experience brought me closer to God. It was the wedding of the Vice President of my Youth fellowship and the Saxophonist who helped me increase my confidence & playing skills #DVA16
I was introduced to Travis Greene's "Made a Way" & Nathaniel Bassey's "Onise Iyaanu" and they became my anthems
I got interviewed by the BBC for Mark Zuckerberg
I entered a competition (#SeekAfricaNg) to win a trip to SA but I came third and won uber credit instead :( Little did I know that God had greater things in store for me


I attended a writer's workshop and met some awesomely talented creatives
I got my make up professionaly done for the fourth time in the year and the MUA did an awesome job, see pictures here.
I played at a 50th birthday in Makoko and thoroughly enjoyed it
I attended Coldstone Creamery's Silent Disco Party and had so much fun
I played at a 60th Birthday in Civic Centre and learnt a lot about building a band and working with musicians


I played at BBNWonderland, saw Flavour perform live and listened to Captain Ekeinde & Omotola talk about marriage 
I collaborated with Kabenny on a last minute Independence Day shoot
I attended the She Leads Africa She Hive and learnt so much from the experience, check out Ekene's post on it here
I attended LFDW and had some interesting experiences with clients, learnt some hard business lessons too.
I attended a Food Photography Workshop and a Rock concert on the same day, read about that experience here.
On the last day of this month, I went to Silverbird alone to watch Queen of Katwe as my free time usually clashes with people's work time. I cried like a Baby while watching it and bumped into a Photographer I love and admire on my way out. We ended up having a heart to heart conversation for at least 1 hour and I gained so much insight from that conversation.


This month started off with a Bang and God just exceeded my expectations in soooo many ways
An unexpected all expense trip to Johannesburg with Google
Playing the Sax in Abuja for the Minister of Petroleum's Book Launch
An opportunity to act as an extra in a new webisode 
A lovely spa treatment at Elle Pairer
Shooting with Maybrands
It was like God just looked at my goals list and decided it was time for me to tick off 3


My cousin got married #TheMorgans2016
I visited Lekki Conservation Centre with some of my favourite people :D
My secondary school friends & I did cute things like Secret Santa
Spent time with Family and learnt to say No to opportunities that didn't offer as much as expected


I am soo grateful to God, my family, my inner circle of friends and that special guy who has been by my side all year, listening to me rant, giving me advice, being there & making me smile

I am blessed with amazing parents who allowed me leave a 9-5 to pursue an unconventional career. I left with no certainty but God saw me through in a way I never expected.

He also blessed me with my amazing colleagues and bosses at my 9-5, my direct manager was Heaven sent and I'm so glad we were on the same team.

I have learnt to not let things get to me, especially when the situation can't be changed and I pray for more opportunities, more blessings, true friendships, more money, more grace and no technical/technological difficulties.

I am grateful for the relationships & Friendships that were broken and restored. I'm so glad I was able to attend & participate at the weddings of people who have a had a strong impact in my life.

My video editing skills improved, thanks to my Mac & Anabel of Iambrownie. I put up 3 vlogs, a simple make up look, my thoughts on the Infinix Hot S and a video on Brazilian Wool.

I visited 2 New Countries: South Africa & Scotland. I spent a couple of weeks in England too and got flown to Abuja to play at a Dignitary's event. My skills, gifts & talents caused the blessing of an all expenses paid trip and I know there will be more of this in 2017.

I worked with some Amazing Brands on the Blog e.g. Ofadaa, Maybrands & Infinix
I played at over 40 events in Lagos & Abuja ranging from Weddings to Birthday Party's to Churches and Surprises

I met and built some sort of relationship with women I look up to, admire and respect like Sharon Mundia, Yolanda Brown, Ink Eze, Uche Pedro, Mimi Onalaja, TY Bello & Steph Obi

I made a good amount of money from my talents and ate at over 30 restaurants and reviewed over 20 of them on the Blog.

I learnt that it is okay to ask for help and I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from my friends when I did.

I tried out loads of different hairstyles :)

I never used to watch TV Shows but this year I watched Empire, This is it,  5ive, Quantico, Awkward Black Girl, Insecure, Rumour has it & started watching Being Mary Jane.

Even though the Nigerian Economy was in a bad state in 2016, I still have so many things to be grateful for thanks to God.

As the new year begins, remember to set SMART goals after evaluating & reviewing how you did with last year's goals & resolutions.

How was 2016 for you?


  1. Wow someone had a busy year, I can definitely see the hand of God in everything. Here's to an even greater year filled with positive surprises. Happy new year dear.
     Princess Audu 

    1. Yes I did, there was quiet moments though and times of reflection.
      Amen o!
      Happy New Year to you too!

  2. How do you guys remember everything that had happened during the year? You sure had a busy year....May this year be a year of Increased Greatness. Cheers! I hope we get to collaborate on something this year..

    EatTechTravel || 2016 Review: Travel

    1. I went through my Instagram page as a guide and looked at Blogpost titles too.
      Amen o!

  3. So happy that 2016 was this amazing for you. I knew most of the stuff but it was cool to relive it via recap. Well done. Hoping more blessings and growth come your way in 2017.

  4. Wawu Tuke! You did achieve quite a lot this year. I am so happy for you.
    2016 was an emotional year for me, but God saw me through it. It was a year of so much happening. Really looking forward to 2017.
    Wishing you all the best!!

    1. We Thank God.
      I'm glad he saw you through and that things are now looking up.
      Happy New Year Babe, Thank you :)

  5. This was definitely such a busy year! So happy for your very many accomplishments and the hand of God in your life and your family!

    Greater heights in 2017 babe!

    1. It really was.
      Thanks Boo.
      Greater heights for you too :*

  6. Happy New Year,thanks for the mention.2017 is another year of great testimonies, soar higher.

    1. You're welcome Hun, Amen!
      Happy New Year to you too!

  7. beautiful year you had there.... We never know how much God has done for us until we have to recount our experiences which is why I am thinking of keeping a journal of every feat we achieve in this new year. Wishing you a better 2017.

    1. Yes indeed, A Gratitude Journal is a good idea.
      I saw a Hashtag on Instagram yesterday #AdenikeOyetundeGratitudeJar where people will write one thing they are grateful for each day. It'll be easier for me to do that on Twitter each day as I won't have to be looking for paper and pencil, lool
      Happy New Year Babe

  8. You go girl. I'm especially happy you got to follow your passion, and do what you love. This is a lot, and I can't wait for even more in 2017!!

    1. Thanks Booski.
      It didn't seem like my parents were going to let me do so at the beginning of the year but I'm glad God touched their hearts and they haven't had a cause to regret their decision.

  9. Wow! God has indeed been good to you and i'm really happy for you! I should do something like this too. 2017 will be a greater Year with more blessings in Jesus name.

    1. He has been o!
      I believe he has been good to everybody too, one just needs to think back and remember all the testimonies/highlights.
      You definitely should do something like this, I would love to read it.

  10. Wow! Tuke! Am really in awe of God for all He did for you! Greater heights dearie I use this as a point of contact for my year, great accomplishments and awesome relationships that foster greatness. A better year 2017 darl'

    1. Awwww, God is really awesome.
      Amen o, I pray that when you look back on your year in December 2017, you'll be in awe at all the great things that you were able to achieve.

  11. Wow! You got up to a whole lot!
    Well done!
    May God continue to bless you and strengthen you.

    Have an amazing 2017!

    1. Thanks Hun
      Amen o!
      I pray you have an Amazing 2017 too!

  12. Haha,your comment got me Tola. Tuke Morgan for president o. Keep soaring babe

  13. Super year you had filled with so much activity. You are a huge inspiration. May your 2017 be even better

    1. It really was.
      Awwww, Thank you.
      Amen :)
      I wish you the same.

  14. You better work!!! You had what looks like an amazing year! Well done. greater heights for you this year!

    1. Lool, Thanks Hunnay!
      It was filled with ups and downs but when I look back and think about everything that happened, I can undoubtedly say it was a Great year.
      Amen :)

  15. You accomplished so much in 2016 Tuke. Here's to an even more amazing 2017!

  16. Your 2016 is goals!! And I thought mine was eventful. You're such an inspiring young woman. I'm really glad you did this review. I've been lowkey waiting for it. I noticed the buzz on Instagram but that wasn't enough. I want to get the full gist. Lol.
    God has been really good to you in 2016. It can only get better in 2017. Just never forget that He's that friend/father that would never leave you.

    1. Aww, Your's was eventful too nah, exploring different parts of Nigeria and meeting loads of interesting people.
      Eyahhhh, Thanks for reading :)
      He really has been, Thanks for the reminder!

  17. I love this recap idea. It just makes you strive to become more accountable. And what an amazing year you had. The best part? 2017 will be even more amazing!

    Looking forward to 2017 recap :)

    1. It definitely does.
      It always reminds you to be grateful for all the small wins :)
      Amen o, I'm looking forward to it too!

  18. Wow! God has been Good to you indeed. I got to know about you through your posts on Instagram for @BellaNaija during the South Africa trip.
    We seemed to watch the same shows this year shaa. Interesingly, i actually just downloaded those two songs on my phone today only to see you mention them here. Those are great songs.
    2017 will be exceptional. More grease to your elbows

    1. He really has been good to us all.
      Awwww, yayyyy!
      Looool, so many similarities & coincidences :)
      Amen o, Thanks Babe!

  19. Been ages I blog-hopped but Im glad i hopped over here today *grin*
    Love this post Tuke and congratulations on all the awesome things you achieved.
    Remain an inspiration hun.
    I'll be like you and try to get out of the office more often this year, lol.


    1. Awwww, I'm glad you did too :)
      Thank you Barbara
      It was lovely seeing you at the Slay Festival and nice to see you already going out more!

  20. Very proud of you and the woman you're becoming.
    Thank you for inspiring me.