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A Classy Midi Dress for LFDW Day 3

Hey Guys,

Happy Friday!

I hope you have a Fun filled weekend ahead.
I rocked this Beautiful Dress from Eman Zazar on the third day of Lagos Fashion and Design Week.
Sadly I didn't get any pictures as it was dark by the time I got there.
I have rocked this dress 2 times since then and it is such a show stopper, I always get loads of compliments when I rock it.
Ellen Affah of Natural Hair Rocks styled it in the bun and I think it looks so beautiful.
Sadly, this dress is one of a kind but Tolu, the Creative Director of Eman Zazar can make something similar for you with a different fabric.
Make sure you holla at her for your clothing needs. Tell her Tuke sent you too!!
I hung out with Akin, Grace & Cassie on Day 3 of LFDW.
We weren't allowed to take pictures inside Federal Palace Hotel Lobby but I managed to take this one sneakily :)
Uju Marshall is one of my favourite models, it's amazing how versatile she is as a model.
I loved the talking drum bags that the models rocked while showing the iola collection.
Johnson Johnson was the highlight of the night for me :)
His models came out holding red roses, Ric Hassani sang and then he proposed to his boo.
It was such a beautiful, tear jerking, aww filled moment.
Maybelline showed their creativity next and then it was break time.
I loved the striped shoes that models wore during Loza Maleombho's collection. I've been loving heels of that height lately and wear them when performing as seen here.
Kaline sang during Mai Atafo's collection and it was beautiful.
Remember that post I wote about her here, Ololufemi is still one of my favourite songs.
There was a String Quartet too and they played so beautifully.
Tania Omotayo wore a very grand dress by Mai Atafo, the tail is soooooo long.
I think she looked really pretty like a Disney Princess.
I didn't attend LFDW on Day 4 as I had 2 events I was playing at, don't think I missed much though.
Did you attend LFDW?

How was it for you?

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  1. Why weren't you allowed to take photos in the lobby?

    That dress is very nice btw.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Same reason as oriental, you can use your phone but if you're using a camera, you have to pay.
      Thank you :)

  2. I love the dress Tuke! And the way your hair is in an side up-do!


  3. Very chic dress Tuke, the print is lovely and the addition of the lace flowers really spices everything up. Love how your hair was styled.

    Princess Audu 

    1. Thanks Sarah.
      It really is a lovely, timeless dress.
      Hair props go to Ellena, she did a fantastic job.

  4. Nice dressssss. Couldn't attend this year. Had to travel for work

    1. Thank you Bimpe :)
      Hope you enjoyed your trip!