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My First Ever Facial at Elle Pairer

Hey Guys,

So I'm back in Lagos after spending 10 days on the road.

I left Lagos for South Africa on the 6th of November. I got back on the 12th and then headed to Abuja on the 13th, got back on the 15th

I am truly grateful to God that my gifts are providing opportunities for me to travel and explore the world and I know this is just the beginning.
So I got back from Abuja on Tuesday, stopped by my house to drop my suitcase, shower, grab by camera then headed to Elle Pairer Nail Salon & Spa in Lekki for a complimentary #EPRejuvenationExperience.
I was welcomed by their lovely staff Tope & Kenny who asked if I wanted Tea or Coffee. 
 I was then given a robe to change into before having a client consultation session with the owner, Mrs Yemisi Oyelola.
She spoke about her experience as an Aesthetician, the products that will be used and their ingredients. She also asked some questions about my health and lifestyle to understand my medical history before the procedure began.
I  had to fill in two information cards, one of which influenced the products used for my pedicure.
First off,  I had a full pedicure using Footlogix products.
I have had quite a number of pedicures in my lifetime but one thing that stood out was the disposable liner used in the foot bowl for hygienic purposes.
Anti-bacterial petals were put in the water while my cuticles were being worked on.
 My leg and foot were then exfoliated using this exfoliating seaweed scrub.
Look at all that dirt!
This Mineral Peel has got fruit extracts and it worked wonders to my foot and leg.
When it was time to remove the calluses, she used this spray to soften it.
 A blade wasn't used but this unique shaped device.
It felt better than a blade which is used at most salon's in lagos. It is much safer too.
Based on the information I filled in, this tired leg formula mousse was used.
People always wonder if my mouth or lungs pain me when I play my Sax, little do they know that the most pain I feel is from my feet/legs especially because I dance around for hours in heels.
Tope then proceeded to give me an amazing foot massage :)

Next stop was the facial in the next room which gave off calming vibes.
I love the towel arrangements, pink petals and hot stones on the fresh white sheets.
The sheets are changed after each client and arranged in this pretty manner every day.
It was my first ever facial so I wasn't really sure what to expect.
Kenny started off by exfoliating my face with this Mineral Peel.
One of the reasons I didn't learn how to swim as a child was because I didn't like water on my face so didn't like putting my face in the water to breathe properly.
Steam was used to open up my pores before the extraction.
This picture reminds me of all those cartoons where a posh lady has cucumber slices over her eyes.
That little piece of equipment was used to take out the pimples
This picture isn't the clearest but I wanted you to see how the pimples were extracted.
Little jolts of electricity were used to close up my pores after the pimple extraction.
It was my first time ever using a face mask
It was left to dry for a bit before being cleaned off
I don't know why I didn't take a picture of my face, post facial. It is smooth and pimple free, wooohooo!!!
The final part of the #EPRejuvenationExperience was the relaxation massage and boy did my skin feel so soft and supple afterwards. Their oil mix is A+ and the customer service was outstanding.
I got to the spa pretty late as my flight from abuja was slightly delayed. However, the staff didn't complain, grumble or frown their face. They were polite, smiley and answered all the questions I had.
One thing the owner, Mrs Oyelola, mentioned was that every client leaves there with a gift bag, even if you just come for a Pedicure.

I love the content of my gift bag and I'm so pleased with the wonderful experience I had at Elle Pairer.
The #JoziWithGoogle Trip was eye opening, it provided humongous insight into the Blogging Industry in Kenya and South Africa. It also increased my expectations regarding Brand collaborations and has made me intolerant to rubbish.
The #EPRejuvenationExperience met and exceeded my expectations and I can't wait to visit there again.

They also have products for sale like this sponge that was used for my facial and put in my Goody Bag :)
Make sure you stop by there when next you need a massage, facial, body polish or any other Beauty Treatment, you wouldn't regret it.

Follow them on Instagram & Twitter, Like their Facebook page and join their mailing list so you don't miss out on any promotion they may have.

Let me know what sort of experiences you've had at spa's in Lagos, PH, any city in the world really.

Their address is 10 Ogbunike Street, off Wole Olateju Crescent, Lekki Phase 1.


  1. Welcome back, Tuks!
    Elle Pairer sure looks like a great experience. Thanks for the detailed review.
    I have never been to a spa before, I should treat myself one of these days :)

  2. Oshe!!! Someone is having fun, You go girl!!
    This sounds like a nice place too. Checking their website now

  3. Lol!! Look at your smile, looks like you were enjoying every single moment 😍 I want to have a spa day now
    Damiloves blog

    1. Looool, I really enjoyed it o!
      You totally should!

  4. wow face masks are the shit! even if i don't visit the spa often only been like 2/3 in my lifetime i definitely have a good puppy of different face masques at home that serve different purposes you should invest in some ....they are always a good treat for the skin

    1. Loooool, I would do my research on them.
      My sister is a skincare junkie, I'll try out some of her stuff when she comes home for Christmas!

  5. Looks amazing...I hope it's not too expensive though. I'll give myself a treat soon

    1. It was Amazing!
      It isn't too too expensive, it will be a well deserved treat!

  6. Wow, what really captivated me was the pimples being extracted. Must have been a great treat.Cant wait to see your "fresh new" face. Lol
    You're welcome back Tuke.

    1. It really was a wonderful treat.
      Thank you Tinuke :)

  7. Mehn I really need an experience like this. I'm sure my skin would be glowing afterwards.
    Great review. Just wondering who took the pictures for you? Lool
    Let me.message you for this blogging insight asap 😂😂😂

    Cassie Daves Blog
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    1. Looool, it will definitely be glowing.
      I haven't worn make up since Tuesday, just been enjoying my skin :)
      I took the up close ones, the staff and owner's daughter helped in taking the others :D